Monolith’s Wii U RPG X will be shown at E3

It looks like Monolith Software’s Wii U RPG X will be making an appearance at E3. Soraya Saga, the wife of Tetsuya Takahashi from Monolith Software, has re-tweeted Nintendo’s tweet about their Japanese E3 live stream.

Why is this important? Well Soraya Saga has a perfect record of only re-tweeting a Nintendo event’s live stream when her husband’s game X is shown.

She did this in January 2013 when X was first shown, again for the E3 2013 Nintendo Direct and for the February Direct from earlier this year.

Normally I’d say to take this with a grain of salt that Saga may not be indicating that X will be shown at E3 but with her pattern of consistently doing so it seems like a lock. Nintendo of course won’t confirm that X will be shown before the event but this is practically a confirmation.

Monolith’s X seems like a no brainer for E3 anyway considering Nintendo showed it off last year. Whether we get a real title and release date for any market remains to be seen.