PS4 historically trailing Wii U, PS3, PSV in Japan HW sales

Here’s some very shocking news: Sony’s PS4 console has fallen to a new low in terms of weekly Japanese sales.

This isn’t a huge surprise considering how little Japan cares about home consoles but its very interesting when compared against the rest of the world. The US and Europe can’t seem to get enough of the PS4 but Japan is largely indifferent.

Why am I saying this? Well Media Create reports that the system managed to sell only 6,508 units during the week of May 25th through June 1st. This was less than the Wii U (Mario Kart 8 bump), PS3, 3DS and PS Vita. That’s not the story here.

What’s shocking is that the PS4 is trending downward among other consoles and handhelds all-time in Japan. After 15 weeks on the market in Japan, the PS4 has sold only 60k units more than the Sega Dreamcast. It is trailing the PS Vita at the same point in its life by 30k units, the PS3 by nearly 100k units, the GameCube by over 200k units, and finally the Wii U had sold 250k more units by the time it hit its 15th week on the market.

Mind you that some of those systems launched during the holidays in Japan like the Wii U so the PS4 doesn’t have the benefit of receiving a holiday bump just yet so it might be a bit unfair. Still, the difference between Japanese and western interest in the PS4 is striking and is a sign of just how bad the console market in Japan has gotten.

  • heavenshitman1

    And with statistics like that, I wonder how everyone has already declared PS4 the major victor and how devices like WiiU are automatically doomed.
    Such premature judgement

  • Guest

    It was already proven that Sony is a dying brand even in Japan by Kotaku a year or so ago. It’ll soon be over for them.

  • dave

    They just need a few more Japanese exclusive games and the PS4 will start to shift – it is a great console.

  • Numbers or it didn’t happen

    How about sourcing this article with some numbers / charts please?

  • Aiddon

    probably due to the PS4 not really having anything Japan really wants; the Wii U at least has stuff like Mario, Mario Kart, and Zelda whereas Sony has been leaning more and more towards Westernizing itself. It’ll probably pick up when FFXV or KH3 comes out

  • Guest

    $0N¥ will be dead soon enough.

  • Abe6772