Nintendo handled E3 better than Sony, Microsoft

When Nintendo announced that they wouldn’t have a traditional E3 press conference last year, a lot of the press reported it as “Nintendo isn’t attending E3”. That was the fault of careless writing but also bad messaging and a lack of damage control by Nintendo. The 2013 E3 Nintendo Direct came and went and it wasn’t clear if Nintendo’s new, non-traditional approach was working.

Fast forward to this year and people had pretty much written off Nintendo’s E3 show. Hundreds of forum topics, social media posts, and even full blown editorials on gaming sites debated whether Microsoft or Sony won E3 on Monday night, completely ignoring Nintendo’s Digital Event on Tuesday morning.

With 4 days of E3 behind us it looks like Nintendo handled E3 the best out of the three console makers this year. They didn’t waste time apologizing for past mistakes like Microsoft did, most of their big surprises weren’t leaked before hand, and they certainly didn’t have any awkward moments talking about comic book TV shows. We never had a single moment of Reggie failing to get a laugh out of the live crowd like Shawn Layden from Sony.


What we got was a well produced, pre-recorded video that didn’t waste time on anything, gave time for developers to talk about their new games and best of all it flowed well. We didn’t have to sit through boring talk about TV related features or how much success they were having, we got a freaking fight scene between Nintendo President Satoru Iwata and Reggie Fils-Aime.

The inclusion of the Robot Chicken folks doing some animation for Nintendo was well done too. Nintendo poked fun at themselves with the overly-critical gaming journalist asking about Mother 3 and when clay Reggie said they didn’t have a Mario game to show off. (They did show Mario Maker but we’ll let that slide) Reggie attacked and killed an annoying media member twice in this presentation and it was hilarious both times. They successful showed humility while still attacking their naysayers.


Sony and Microsoft’s conferences weren’t bad but they had clear flaws, head scratching blemishes that are symptoms of a live show in front of the press. Nintendo had none of those issues. For 47 minutes they focused on showing off new and upcoming games for their fan-base and did so in succinct and clear fashion.

The Treehouse segments from Nintendo were amazing as well. Nintendo has kept my attention for 3 whole days this week, demoing games online for the masses while Sony and Microsoft had my attention for a few hours on Monday. I’ve walked away from E3 talking more about what Nintendo showed then anything else and that’s largely due their constant stream of game demos from Treehouse.

Nintendo didn’t go to E3 to tell consumers “Hey we’re on top again!” or “Hey we’re sorry about before”. They simply showed how awesome they can be when they’re being creative. With announcements of new IPs like Splatoon and Codename: STEAM, as well as the Amiibo platform, Nintendo showed they are a changing company that will still take risks from time to time. Simply put, Nintendo handled their E3 presence much better than Sony and Microsoft did. It definitely looks like their new E3 strategy is a successful one and something Sony/Microsoft should take notes from in the future.

  • Edonus

    Nintendo did a different sort of a presentation so their show shouldn’t be compared to MS and Sonys. As for content sure Nintendo showed some stuff much better than they have before but they have no 3rd party support so they don’t have enough.

    • heavenshitman1

      Nigh on all their major titles were 100% system exclusives. That means something. Microsoft and Sony are trying to promote plethora of software that’s timed exclusive or total multiplat.
      Just rely on my 4 year old gaming PC to cover that market.

      • Edonus

        Well…the way i see it is you compare each product directly against the other but not in groups since you dont purchase things in groups. So if my choice was between a WiiU and Ps4
        WiiU has exclusives
        Ps4 has Exclusives
        WiiU doesnt have the 3rd party support so no AC, Divison, and Destiny or Batman and so on and so forth.
        And the same goes if you compare the WiiU to the X1

        Now when you compare the X1 to the Ps4 they both have exclusives and they both that third party support. Now you can compare the content itself. Nintendo loses before it is even started. The only thing that could save them is ifthe exclusives they had are just super duper new industry standard games… and no Captain and Splatoon while fun are it.

        And I personally never liked gaming on a PC I always found it weird.

        • heavenshitman1

          PCs I admit, are a pain in the arse and a half. Glitches and faults never ending. Even turns me off. But so many FPSs on those consoles for example, PC massacres PS4 and XB1 in that kind of department. My system is 4 years old and stacks up to PS4 probably neck n neck. I played FarCry 3 maxed out at 1920 x 1080.
          I could easily afford all 3 consoles, WiiU all I need. Different games, games that aren’t all gritty shooters and generic racers. Its nigh on 100% BC with all Wii software and hardware. Even Wii has titles I think still outshine the current games on PS4/XB1.
          Xenoblade, Metroid Primes, Zeldas etc..
          Most of what ends up on PS4/XB1,I can probably find a very equivalent title if not an entirely better direct port

      • Serialmania

        I feel pity for you.

    • andy

      With the Wii U at its FOURTH E3, yeah you would expect something. Was something announced though? I don’t think they did a conference so I haven’t a clue.

  • Guest

    Of course they did, $0N¥ was a paupertrainwreck.