Get $150 towards PS4 purchase with PS3/360 trade in at GameStop until June 15

GameStop has started a pretty solid trade in special towards a new PS4 system that should get a lot of consumers to upgrade.

Right now and until June 15th, you can trade in a 4GB or original Xbox 360 or a 12GB PS3 and get $100 in store-credit towards a PS4 system.

If you’ve got a PS3 with at least a 20GB hard drive (or greater) or Xbox 360 with 250GB hard drive you can get $150 credit towards a PS4.

This is a solid trade in special that won’t last much longer. Deals like this where you get $100 or more for a last-gen system won’t stay around as we get deeper into 2014 and I can’t imagine we’ll see any in 2015 anymore.