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$559 PS4 + BL2 Vita bundle coming to NA Best Buy next week

Starting next week Best Buy in the US will be selling a PS4 + PS Vita bundle that is sure to get a lot of attention from consumers post-E3.

Starting June 8th, Best Buy will be selling a PS4 + PS Vita bundle for $559.

This bundle includes the Borderlands 2 Vita slim bundle with Borderlands 2 and an 8GB memory card. No PS4 games are included.

Buying this bundle would save you roughly $40 if you purchased these two separately. There is a rumor going around that the Vita might get a $20 price cut at E3 but for now this bundle seems like a pretty good deal for those really interested in remote play.

  • Johnson

    This is a hot deal. But the cheap gamer in me wants to hold out just a little more. I feel like a better deal is on the way for this holiday season.

  • bigshynepo

    Seems like Sony is testing the waters at Best Buy for a possible manufacturer bundle. Tons of free games with PS+ for both of these machines so a great deal if you were looking for both systems.

  • Kurisu Makise

    “really interested in remote play?” Yikes…as if that’s the only reason to want a Vita, goodness (or if you’re a handheld gamer, a PS4). Would have just been better to say if you’re looking to get the complete experience or something instead.

  • Guest

    $400 PS4 + $200 Vita = $600 bundle. Theres no value to the consumer there. Stupid marketing from Sony

  • joe


  • Justin

    aaah i need a ps4 and just bought the borderlands 2 vita bundle! i knew this would happen

  • KidArk

    499 would have been ideal.. A direct middle finger to Xbox for 499.. he’ll they should have made the vita and ps4 bundles the second they hard about the x1 price.