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Want Dissidia or FF X-3 on Vita? Square Enix says get a job

Recently at the Thailand Comic-Con Square Enix producer Shinji Hashimoto answered a fan question about a potential Final Fantasy X-3 or Dissidia sequel for PS Vita.

Sadly Hashimoto didn’t have the type of response most PS Vita fans want to hear.

You want a new one!!? for PS Vita? Oh. I’ll inform to the development team.
If you have anything you want to tell them, you can tell me. You also can apply for jobs at SQEX. There is possibility for everyone but it might not be much as we have people from around the world looking to work with us. Our company also requires high qualification for new staff. But if anyone is interested, you may apply via our Homepage

That’s a really lame response from Hashimoto. The original answer was in Japanese so I’m sure it loses a bit in translation but telling fans to get a job with Square Enix if they want a Final Fantasy X-3 or Dissidia sequel on Vita is a bit off-putting. Of course that’s a great way to make it happen but it isn’t very likely for fans.

Going by this statement I wouldn’t have much hope for any Vita specific Final Fantasy games that aren’t ports or remakes. I’d love to be proven wrong on that one Square Enix but from what Hashimoto says, it doesn’t sound like the company is even considering it at the moment.