PS Vita

Rumor: PS Vita price cut to $179 coming, Sony lists Vita as $179 in sweepstakes

It looks like the PS Vita might be getting a price cut in the near future. This news was leaked today by the official Playstation Road to Greatness Sweepstakes rules.

This is a contest from Sony where players can participate to win Playstation consoles, etc. You understand the core concept of a sweepstakes.

Well, in the prize section Sony lists this:

PRIZE: The confirmed winner will receive a PlayStation® prize pack, consisting of one (1) of each of the following items:
PlayStation® 4 entertainment system, average retail value (“ARV”) is $399;
DualShock®4 controller, ARV is $59.99;
PlayStation®4 entertainment system camera, ARV is $69.99;
PlayStation®Vita handheld entertainment system, ARV is $179.99;
MLB14 The Show (for the PS4 system), ARV is $59.99;
MLB14 The Show (for the PlayStation Vita system), ARV is $39.99;
inFamous Second Son (for the PS4 system), ARV is $59.99;
Drive Club (for the PS4 system), ARV is $59.99;
TearAway (for the PlayStation Vita system), ARV is $39.99; and
One (1) year subscription to PlayStation Plus (collectively, “Prize”).

See anything odd there? The value of the PS Vita, not the Borderlands bundle, is $179 not $199.

It would appear that Sony is planning on selling the PS Vita for $179 in the near future. Maybe they’ll keep the Borderlands 2 system bundle at $199 since it comes with a game and a 8GB memory card and sell the stand alone Vita slim with 1GB memory for $179.

Either way, this coming from Sony officially might be a sign that they let the cat out of the bag early. Some rumors have been going around about the Vita and PS3 getting price cuts at E3 and this development adds credit to the rumors of a Vita cut at least.