Frys selling 3DS for $49

You won’t believe this but one single Fry’s location in San Diego really wants to get rid of their original 3DS units.

They’re actually selling them for only $49.99 brand new. Yes, you read that right.

Now before you go to their site trying to order this online, this deal applies only to one particular Fry’s location in San Diego. And it isn’t online. So unless you’re in the area you won’t get to take advantage of the deal unless you book a flight! That is, this deal appears to work at all other US Fry’s locations BUT it appears that a store in San Diego is the only one who has any left.

You can always try to price match this deal at your local Best Buy and show them the online price. They aren’t suppose to match but you could get lucky and get an untrained customer service rep who will ignore the rules and price match it for you anyway.

Still, this is really crazy to see happen at all. $50 dollars for a fantastic portable library? I would have never thought we’d see the 3DS sold used for $50 even years after its replaced.

Anyone lucky enough to be in the area needs to grab one of these $50 systems. This deal is not something you pass up.