King Oddball Review: Thousands of Throws

You’ve probably had to sift through countless Angry Birds clones in the iOS or Android app store at some point in the past few years. Without an abundance of physics based puzzlers on home consoles, King Oddball stands out as a fun little diversion even if it lacks any extra “oomph”.

King Oddball tasks players with eliminating tanks, soldiers or other enemies with a limited number of rocks. The King, who is a moon floating at the top of the screen at all times, sways from side to side throwing rocks from his tongue.

Its a fairly simple concept that anyone can comprehend within minutes. Its not the most original concept either but it can be very fun at times so long as you play it in small bursts.

Stages have a nice variety to them which helps to keep King Oddball from getting too repetitive. 10tons mixes things up regularly, adding new twists to King Oddball’s formula with each stage. Bombs, barriers, girders and other items keep things fresh. Again, this game should be played in short bursts.


If you speed through all the stages in a few hours the core gameplay will likely start to wear you down. That isn’t to say its bad, it just does one thing pretty well. Even too much of a good thing can be bad though, making King Oddball a good game to play while you wait to decide on your plans for the night or when you’ve only got a short period of time to play a game.

Where King Oddball shines is in its music, art style and personality. While it doesn’t have much variety to its music, the tracks that are here fit well with the game’s style. The soundtrack is one of a kind as you probably won’t hear anything like it again on your PS4.

Visually Oddball isn’t all that complex either but it does have some charm. The art style is a departure from most physics based puzzle games on mobile platforms, making it stand out from the pack a bit. You won’t see a ton of variety in the game’s visuals but everything is pleasant to look at and navigate.


If I was playing King Oddball on a mobile device it might not be as an enjoyable experience. Part of what makes King Oddball good on PS4 is that it is on Sony’s new console. It provides some simple fun that you don’t commonly see on home consoles and this is why the game is an easy purchase to recommend.

Oddball isn’t going to win any awards for creativity but it does enough to liven up a tired formula that has been done to death by so many others. The $7 price point on PS4 makes it a good value too, with several hours of fun physics based gameplay for less than half the price of most games on the PS4 store.

If you enjoy physics based games like this on your phone or tablet then King Oddball on the PS4 is a good option for you so long as you go into it understanding how Oddball excels at simplicity and fun rather than re-inventing the genre.

Gameplay 75%
Visuals 70%
Depth 65%
Intangibles (Charm, Audio, Originality) 65%
Entertainment 75%
Final Thoughts

King Oddball is a deceptive little game. It isn't all that original and stands in a genre that is packed with similar titles just not on consoles. While it lacks creativity, it can be very fun if you give it a chance. Review copy of PS4 version provided by 10 tons.

Overall Score 70%