Retro Studios: We’d be ‘lucky’ to work on Metroid again, fan demand could make it happen

Retro Studios is working on a brand new game but it doesn’t look like it will be Metroid related. Recent comments by the studio point at the developer not returning to Samus for a while.

Here’s the comment in question:

You’re not going to find a larger bunch of Metroid of Metroid Prime fans than at Retro studios. We’ll be lucky to someday, maybe, work on another one. There’s a lot of people in the studio left over from Metroid Prime that are very passionate about Metroid… If the fans keep asking, then maybe we’ll answer.

The “we’ll be lucky to work on another one” strongly hints that they aren’t planning on making another Metroid game for a while. They could just be acting coy but the “if the fans keep asking” implies that whatever their working on right now isn’t Metroid. Or else why would they need to see fan demand to develop a brand new Metroid if one was already in development?

Either way, whatever Retro Studios does next will take a while to come out. I wouldn’t imagine we’ll see it before 2016, if not closer to the launch of Nintendo’s Wii U successor. Hopefully its an original IP but I wouldn’t mind seeing them return to Metroid at some point in the future.