PS4/Xbox One/Wii U LTD NA Sales Estimates Point At XB1 Passing Wii U soon

Here’s some somewhat big news for the next-gen console wars. It appears that the Xbox One is set to overtake the Wii U’s North American sales in the near future. Using this month’s NPD data, GAF user vicisstudes does a little bit of math for us.

When you combine the Xbox One’s 258k sales in February, the PS4’s 287k (10% more than Xbox One) and the Wii U’s 82k you get this total.

    PS4: 2.56 Million Units Sold in NA
    Xbox One: 2.22 Million Units Sold in NA
    Wii U: 2.23 Million Units Sold in NA

We knew the Wii U would be pasted up by Microsoft’s new console just like it was passed up by the PS4 but this is happening a bit sooner than I thought. It looks like Titanfall is giving the XBO a healthy boost and Cranky Kong just doesn’t have enough canes to shake at it to stop it from over-taking Wii U’s NA sales in March.

I don’t think a single person will disagree with me that the Xbox One will pass the Wii U in North American sales in March. You’d literally have to be crazy to believe it won’t. Maybe had Mario Kart 8 shipped this month we’d have some debate as to whether it will happen.

The Xbox One has Titanfall, Metal Gear Solid, and some others coming out in March. The Wii U? Well, err Shovel Knight was going to hit the eShop on March 31st but got delayed yesterday!

I imagine Xbox One will pass 300k in March with Titanfall. Just how low will the Wii U go during March? Without a major release I wouldn’t be shocked if it fell below 50k again. That means Microsoft’s new console will probably outsell the Wii U by 200k-300k units in March. While that isn’t unexpected at all, it’s still an odd sight to see for me.

Of course Sony’s PS4 will likely be widening its sales lead on the Wii U close to 1 million units in March. If Sony puts up another 300k month, and they will likely post an even bigger number with InFAMOUS Second Son shipping on March 21st, we will probably see the PS4 land at 3 million next month. That will very likely be 800k-1 million ahead of whatever the Wii U will have sold by the end of March, most likely resting around 2.35 million units.

Microsoft must be happy to hear this. While they’ll never get rid of the whole “PS4 is outselling Xbox One” argument, at least they can say they’ll be outselling the Wii U by a very wide margin for the near future.