$499 Titanfall Xbox One bundle leaked

Microsoft is releasing a Titanfall Xbox One system bundle next month. Right now the only confirmed region is Australia but there is a chance it comes to other markets like the US as well. Microsoft will be announcing more details tomorrow morning.

The website that broke this story has edited the story and removed all details, saying that they were informed of the embargo after they received the news from Microsoft and received the embargo information later. Thus the post and its information is no longer live but we managed to get some of the details before they were removed! Not only that but Microsoft even has a page on the Xbox’s website for this bundle.

This bundle will come with a 500GB standard Xbox One system, a headset, one month XBL Gold, a digital copy of Titanfall and of course Kinect.

Here’s a picture of the bundle.


It will be priced at 599 Australian dollars so there’s that. That is the normal price of the Xbox One in Australia, so basically this is Titanfall plus one month of gold for $500 essentially. That means that when Microsoft brings this bundle over to the US it will likely be the price of a normal Xbox One, with no price increase for the addition of Titanfall. We’re still waiting on this news to be made official by Microsoft but the cat’s out of the bag!