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SOE President confirms work on VR headset

John Smedely, President of Sony Online Entertainment, recently dropped a hint about Sony’s VR headset plans. He was asked about whether Sony was planning to experiment with any VR headsets in response to the rising popularity of Oculus Rift. His response is very forth-coming, hinting at the long rumored Sony VR headset.

He said:

Hearing good things about 2 competitors.. one of which actually comes from Sony. so I’m thinking this is real and we may have our Snowcrash after all.

I’m shocked that he actually said that something is coming from Sony in the VR space. Of course, companies like Sony experiment with emerging technologies like this all the time and they never make it to the market.

Sony’s take on VR gaming feels like the make or break moment for VR headsets as a commercially viable accessory for video games. If anyone can make it affordable and market it right, it would be Sony.

If Smedley isn’t playing around with us, chances are we will see a VR headset from Sony in due time.