Rayman on Xbox One is somehow dramatically smaller than PS4, Wii U and last-gen

Rayman Legends, one of the best platformers in recent memory, released on Xbox One and PS4 earlier today. You can pick up the game for your next-gen console for only $40.

One odd thing we’ve noticed is that somehow, despite Ubisoft claiming the Xbox One and PS4 versions using uncompressed textures, the Xbox One version of the game is substantially smaller than the Wii U or PS4 versions. Heck, its even smaller than the 360/PS3 versions of the game. All appear to be running at 1080p and look practically the same.

Still, its odd to see such a gap in game sizes between the Xbox One and other versions. The PS4 version of Legends is 9GB which makes sense since it supposedly uses uncompressed textures. The Wii U version is 6.7GB, the PC version is 5.7GB, the PS3 version is 6.82GB and the Xbox 360 version is 6.5GB.

So how does the Xbox One version compare? Somehow it is 4.3GB. Yes, that’s 50% smaller than the PS4 version and Ubisoft says both have uncompressed textures. I’m no expert on that subject so I’ll leave the debate about whether the XBO version truly has that feature alone.

It’s very odd to see the Xbox One version pack such a tiny file size compared to all other versions. Ultimately the end product is amazing and should be played on any system you’ve got.