Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes lasts two friggin’ hours

Here’s some very, very bad news for Metal Gear fans looking to pick up Ground Zeroes in March. The game’s already been outed as having less than 10 missions total, including side affairs. Now, Game Informer has revealed that the main story missions can be completed in less than two hours.

Yes, you read that right. Game Informer writes in their March issue about Ground Zeroes:

Judged just by the core story mission, Ground Zeroes is short. We completed it in just less than two hours

In addition to this, GI says that it took them a total of four hours to play through all of the game’s side content along with the story mode.

I personally have the PS4 retail version pre-ordered for $39.99 but I’m strongly considering cancelling that and possibly downloading the $19.99 digital PS3 version instead. I really want this game to be good and I’m sure it is. But asking $20-$40 for something that offers such a low amount of play-time is hard to deal with, even as a big Metal Gear fan.

Had Kojima Productions put in a next-gen version of Metal Gear Online then this price tag would be easier to swallow. Sadly they didn’t and we’re looking at an over-priced demo for The Phantom Pain.

I get it, Ground Zeroes is like the Tanker segment and Phantom Pain is the real MGSV. That doesn’t justify Kojima’s milking of the fan-base with two separate releases that will end up costing gamers $80-$100 in the long run once these same Ground Zeroes buyers purchase Phantom Pain in 2015 for $60.

Didn’t you hear Kojima, gamers hate micro-transactions! Simply changing all those micro-transactions into two separate pieces, one substantially smaller than the other (Ground Zeroes) isn’t tricking anyone.