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Final Fantasy VII Remake: What System Should It Be On?

There are rumors going around that Square Enix is considering a remake of legendary JRPG, Final Fantasy VII. Final Fantasy Producer Yoshinori Kitase made the chances of this sound slim recently by saying that it would “take a lot” to make this remake happen.

So it isn’t clear if a Final Fantasy VII remake it actually in development or not. I’d lean towards it not being in development but you never know. If and when the Final Fantasy VII remake happens though, what system should it be for?

A few systems make good business sense for Square Enix while others make more sense for fans.

As much as fans would hate it, Square Enix could get a cheap iOS remake out there and make a lot of money off of it. This would obviously be the least desirable method to remaking one of the best PS1 games but they are doing it with older Dragon Quest games so you can’t count mobile platforms out.

Traditional handhelds, like 3DS and PS Vita, make a good amount of sense from a business perspective too. If Final Fantasy VII was remade for 3DS or Vita it wouldn’t cost all that much to develop, probably less than $10-$15 million. Most 3DS games cost $2-$4 million but I’d expect Square Enix to go a little overboard with this game. They’d also have 45 million 3DS owners to market the game towards. The 3DS could provide the game a good leap in visuals over the PS1 classic even if it isn’t as big a leap as some may want.

3DS vs PS Vita

3DS vs PS Vita

The PS Vita is in a tight spot in regards to deserving this remake. While it would certainly sell systems, it isn’t Square Enix’s responsibility to move Sony’s handhelds for them. With barely 7 million global users, a Final Fantasy VII remake on Vita might be very pretty but the ceiling for commercial success would be pretty low. The same goes for Wii U. I don’t think Square Enix is considering making any games for Nintendo’s struggling console right now, much less a remake of such an important title.

That brings us to Xbox 360 and PS3. They have a combined user base of 160 million players. That’s a hard number to walk away from. Still, we saw sales decline in popular franchises in 2013 as Gran Turismo 6, Gears of War Judgement, Dead Space 3, and others had massive sales drop-offs compared to previous installments. Some generational fatigue may have set in so releasing a Final Fantasy VII remake on 360/PS3 in 2015 or 2016 seems unrealistic and an all around bad idea.

Then there’s the PS4 and Xbox One. The PS4 makes the most sense out of all home consoles as its a run-away success commercially. Not only that but the horsepower of the PS4 could give the game a huge visual make-over. Sony’s new console is destined to be the most popular home console in Japan too, the region that matters most for a Final Fantasy VII remake. By the time 2015 or 2016 rolls around the PS4 could have anywhere between 30-50 million global users, so a PS4 remake makes a lot of sense.


Though a major problem with that is costs. A PS4 remake of Final Fantasy VII will cost Square Enix a lot of money. They aren’t exactly known for smart budgeting as a lot has been made over them not being happy with the initial sales of Sleeping Dogs, Hitman Absolution, and Tomb Raider. I’d expect Square Enix to spend $50-$100 million on a proper next-gen remake of the game if they decided to pull the trigger.

The Xbox One might get this remake but only in western regions. I don’t see the point of even releasing an Xbox One version in Japan at all as the Xbox One isn’t going to be much of a success in the country.

As it stands I believe PS4, 3DS, and mobile platforms make the most sense for Square Enix. As for fans, well that’s a different story. Everyone will have their own preference. There will be no end to the debate about which platform this fabled, much anticipated remake should land on. That said, what game system would you like to see Final Fantasy VII remade on?

  • stealth20k

    3ds for me

    • James Cluckey

      Way to pick the worst possible medium to play it on. We want a leap in graphics. Not a small step.

      • stealth20k

        worst possible medium? hardly.

  • Austin McDowell

    Do you really need to ask?

  • James Cluckey

    Vita, and PS4 make the most sense. Sony needs to just tell them it has to be developed for both.

  • Brandon Hardaway

    Vita or bust! Well…maybe PS4 too. :)