Its official: 2K Sports not making MLB games anymore, only Baseball games exclusive to Playstation for now

We knew this was coming but today it was made official by the folks at 2K Games. They will no longer make any MLB games, meaning there will be no MLB games on any non-Sony devices. Sony is the only game company currently still making an MLB game, as they make MLB The Show every year.

2K Games had this to say:

We have decided not to renew our MLB 2K series for 2014. We are very proud of the achievements made by the MLB 2K team and look forward to their contributions to our future titles, including NBA 2K — our industry’s #1 rated and #1 selling basketball franchise

Nintendo platforms had missed out on MLB games for a while. With EA out of the equation this leaves Sony as the only company still making a Baseball game for sports fans. You’ve got to think this will benefit Sony a lot seeing as big MLB fans who want next-gen baseball will have the PS4 as their only option.

Maybe someone will step up and make a compelling MLB game for non-Sony platforms. That day seems far away though as there haven’t been any volunteers to fill the void left by the MLB 2K franchise on Xbox platforms.