NPD November 2013 Sales Data: Next-Gen Is Here!

Details for one of the most pivotal sales months in gaming history are just starting to come out. Sony has confirmed that the PS4 was the best selling home console during November. Microsoft says the Xbox One was the “fastest selling” console in November though that is very skewed since the Xbox One was only out for 9 days during the month.

Major Nelson confirms that Microsoft sold 100k Xbox One units per day in North America. Given that the console was only available 9 days that means it sold just about 909k. So that puts Sony’s PS4 above that, likely at 1 million. Nelson also says the Xbox 360 was the best selling last-gen console at 647k units sold during the month.

Sadly the stellar Super Mario 3D World did not make the top 10 NPD games list for the month. Unsurprisingly Call of Duty takes the top spot for the month. Call of Duty still sells best on Xbox 360 but interestingly enough it sold more on PS4 than Xbox One. Perhaps their is a shift occurring in terms of where the Call of Duty player lands next-gen. Sadly the Wii U ranks dead last for pretty much every major multiplatform game.


Hardware sales were up 58% due to PS4/Xbox One and the 3DS over November 2012. 3DS sales were up by 15% over November 2012 which were 540k. So that means the Nintendo 3DS sold roughly 770k during November. That’s a better number than 2012 but a much lower number than I was expecting especially considering the amazing Zelda: A Link Between Worlds. It would appear that the release of next-gen consoles cannibalized any other hardware sales for the most part.

Nintendo’s sales data doesn’t look good. Nintendo says that Wii U sales rose by 340% over October. Problem is the Wii U sold 50k units in October meaning it barely hit 220k. Yes, this is despite the release of Super Mario 3D World which moved 215k units during November.

Zelda: A Link Between Worlds managed to sell 405k units so its off to a good start. Pokemon blazed past 2.3 million by selling another 220k during November as well.

Bringing up the rear, as always was the PS Vita. Early leaks suggest the Vita may have moved 70k units during the month. If you think Wii U is in a bad spot just check out the Vita!

In terms of XB1/PS4 launch exclusives we don’t have hard numbers on Ryse or Deadrising 3 yet. But we do know from leaks that Killzone was the highest selling launch exclusive between both consoles and sold somewhere around 270k during the month. So Deadrising and Ryse have to be below that. Knack sold less than 90k copies during the month.

We will continue to update this post as more information comes out.