Don’t hold your breath for TLOU on PS4

A lot of PS4 early adopters have been wondering if Naughty Dog will port their PS3 hit, The Last of Us, to Sony’s next-gen machine. With a new Uncharted almost certainly coming out in 2014, it doesn’t look like that will happen as Naughty Dog has to be very busy as is.

Naughty Dog’s Eric Monacelli recently replied to the hopes of PS4 owners for a PS4 port of The Last of Us on the Playstation Blog. A lot of gamers are taking his statement as an indirect confirmation of a port being in the works but this probably isn’t the case. Naughty God themselves have already told us this isn’t happening yet fans keep getting their hopes up.

Let’s look at Monacelli’s recent statement that supposedly hints at TLOU on PS4:

We’re just getting our Naughty Dog engine up and running on PS4 as we work on the next UNCHARTED project. We will see what the future brings! 🙂

You could take the whole “we will see” as a hint to this possibly happening but I’m not so sure. Naughty Dog could be leaving the door open without committing to it with this statement. I certainly understand why you would think that, Monacelli’s response is very playful with the idea of a TLOU port. At the same time, he’s admitting that the studio probably doesn’t have the time to pull it off since they’re focusing on the next Uncharted.

I don’t see any real reason to port The Last of Us to PS4 since Sony’s PS3 streaming service is set to launch in 2014. The Last of Us will be playable on PS4 eventually even if it is just the PS3 version.

I know Naughty Dog has a lot of employees but I can’t see the new Uncharted coming out any later than Holiday 2014 and they’ve got to be busy with that. No, Sony hasn’t announced when the new Uncharted will hit PS4 but its easy to assume it will be Sony’s flagship fall 2014 title. After all, Uncharted 2 and 3 were revealed roughly one year before they released. It seems very likely that this new Uncharted will hit in the latter parts of 2014, leaving Naughty Dog very little time to release a port of TLOU on PS4.

Don’t forget, it was only two months ago that Naughty Dog said they had no plans to make The Last of Us for PS4 so keep your hopes in check. Heck, Eric Monacelli said himself in October:

We have no plans to do that.

As much as I might want to see The Last of Us on PS4 it just doesn’t look like it will happen. A lot of people are taking Monacelli’s comments on the Playstation Blog recently as some sort of confirmation but in reality he’s likely just being a tease.


Naughty Dog wants to leave the door open if they get some free time to do the port but I can’t see that happening until after the next Uncharted is out the door. I know this sounds negative to those hoping for this port but its best to not get your hopes up for it. Naughty Dog is telling us that it isn’t going to happen by outright denying it back in October and by saying that they’re busy with Uncharted right now.

Basically you shouldn’t hold your breath for The Last of Us on PS4. If you have a PS3 just go ahead and buy the game for that system now or wait for a GOTY edition with all the DLC included. If you have a PS4 and don’t own a PS3 anymore then Sony’s PS3 game streaming service should hit in 2014 and its likely The Last of Us will be one of the games available on that service. Either way, we’ve got a myriad of ways to play The Last of Us already and its a game you should go out of your way to experience even if we never get a next-gen port.