Fable Anniversary hits Xbox 360 on February 4th

Looking for something worthwhile to play during the early parts of 2014? Don’t want to wait until MGS: Ground Zeroes, Titanfall, InFamous in March?

Microsoft has good news for you. Xbox 360 owners will be able to purchase the remake of the 2005 Xbox classic, Fable Anniversary, on February 4th. Fable Anniversary will sport a lower price point of $39.99 instead of being a normally priced $60 retail game.

There will also be a slew of day one DLC that may or may not interest you. Still, I loved the original Fable a lot during its time. I’m sure the game will hold up pretty well for the most part with its revamped visuals. Though I doubt anyone will stop complaining about the game being too short, even in 2014.

It would have been nice if Fable Anniversary was re-built for Xbox One instead of Xbox 360 but I suppose Microsoft wanted to throw 360 owners a bone or two in terms of first party releases.