Surprise: New Wii U bundle sold out at Target, Mario is still a system seller

Will the new Mario/Luigi 32GB Wii U help system sales? Its very possible that it is already. This new bundle is sold at on Target’s website..

This isn’t a huge surprise as New Super Mario Bros U and New Super Luigi U should be solid system sellers. There are certainly a lot of people on the fence in terms of buying a Wii U and this bundle will likely push a lot of them over to the other side. Just how much will this bundle increase sales? Its hard to tell right now.

Wii U sales tripled last month in the United States off the $50 32GB price cut and Wind Waker HD bundle, nearing 100k in September. It remains to be seen how well it will do in October. It should be noted that the NPD tracking period for October runs from October 6th through November 2nd. So the Wii U should see a small boost from this new bundle as it released on November 1st.

Hopefully these new Wii U bundles turn around the system’s hardware sales.

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  • TwinTails

    That depends, how many bundles did Target stock? And how many bundles did other retailers stock?

    • garf02

      fun, when a Nintendo product run out of stock there is always the :I bet it was low stock anyway: excuse

      any other console or game solds out and everyone wet their pants

      • TwinTails

        I’m just saying, retailers have barely been stocking them lately due to low demand. I heard retailers in the UK stop handing them over the counters and will only sell through their online service. If they sell out after they restock them, then I would see they would probably stock larger supplies.

        Supply and demand.

  • Leon Ez Terry

    Its not sold out at Target. It says on their site that its not unavailable online. Its still available in Target’s stores.

  • Jon Turner

    It already has. October’s sales are already superior to September’s, jumping way over 100k. In fact, according to VGChartz’s estimates it’s moved about 275k this October WORLDWIDE.

    • gimmegimmekevin

      If VGChartz is right (and that’s a whole ‘nother debate right there) we can kinda figure out US sales. Japan had 3k-5k per week up until the last few days of October when the system hit 40k in the last week or the month. I’d say Japan factored in about 25k in VG’s 275k number. Then you split it between EU/US. I’d imagine it sold more in US than EU during the month, maybe 140k vs 110k. Like I said that’s assuming VGChartz is accurate. It will be interesting to see Wii U sales when NPD data comes out in a week or so. Wii Party U, the new Mario bundle and some other items SHOULD improve sales.