Super Mario 3D World was made by only 100 people

Nintendo is very good at making great games with small teams. Look at Rockstar, they needed over 1,000 employees to make Grand Theft Auto V. How does this compare to what is shaping up to be a very solid contender for GOTY in Super Mario 3D World?

Well, Nintendo has confirmed that Super Mario 3D World often had a development team of only 40-50 people but at its peak had no more than 100 staff members. That’s impressive to say the least since EAD usually delivers games of high quality while not going insane on their budget or staff sizes. Nintendo says

At first, about 40 to 50, but there were about 100 in the end. When that many people threw out ideas, there was about three times more than ever before. In any case, there was a ton.

From what I’ve played of 3D World so far it seems like those 100 people did a fantastic job with the game. Nintendo consistently delivers great titles without over-spending like so many publishers do today. Heck they even remade Wind Waker HD in six months!