Rumor: Xbox One version of COD: Ghosts not playable without internet connection?

There is a very bad rumor about the Xbox One going around right now from Moonlight Swami, the first person to get his Xbox One this week in the whole early shipping debacle from Target.

He says that he can’t play Call of Duty Ghosts offline at all. He has already installed the day one Xbox One system update that gets rid of all the controversial DRM features from this past May and says that the game still requires him to have Xbox Live to play the game offline and he can’t connect to Xbox Live because Microsoft banned his console until release. He can’t even play the story mode.

Microsoft could have accidentally caused another bad PR storm for their new console by banning his console because it looks like Ghosts can’t be played offline without Xbox Live, i.e. without being connected to the internet. Remember Moonlight Swami has already installed that big day one system update so it isn’t clear why the system is blocking him from accessing offline play.

This issue could be related to his system being banned but I’m not sure why or how Microsoft would ban him from playing the story mode of his offline games. Hopefully this isn’t a thing that is required to play offline games. Microsoft said you wouldn’t need an internet connection to play offline in the past so this is kinda alarming. There’s a good chance this is related to the user’s system ban and hopefully it means nothing else. Still, 360 users who were banned in the past were still able to play offline games so why is it different on Xbox One? Is his offline play restricted because of the ban or because you need a connection to Xbox Live to play Call of Duty Ghosts?

It should be noted that this could be something Activision put in place, not necessarily Microsoft.