PS4 systems freezing when players exit to UI while updating Warframe

PS4 early adopters should be wary, specifically when updating free to play game Warframe. The game has a sizable update after being downloaded. It installs the update in the game, not outside on the system’s OS. This update isn’t too big but a PS4 error keeps happening to users when applying this update. Its happened to me too. Posters across the web have reported this too like this Warframe player as well as right here. There aren’t any pictures of this error at the moment but that’s partially because,… well everyone panics and resets their system much like I did. I did get the update to work the second time though and joined an online match with little issue.

If you go back to the PS4 home menu, attempting to multi-task while Warframe is updating your system is very likely to lock up. Countless users across the web have reported this error.

Its an understandable situation, a game is updating and you don’t feel like waiting so you browse the web while it downloads. Don’t do this as it is very likely it will lock up your system. The only way to stop this full system freeze is to unplug it from the wall. Simply pressing the power button won’t work.

When this happens your system will reboot itself after you try to turn it back on and will warn you that the system wasn’t shut down properly.

Watch out for this error folks. Warframe is a solid free to play title but make note: Don’t try to multi-task on the PS4 while it downloads the game’s initial update.

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