List of US retailers holding PS4 midnight launch events

Did you pre-order a PS4 unit at a US retailer? Or are you hoping to pick up an extra unit? Chances are you’ll want to get to a store at midnight on November 14th to see if you can pick up a unit.

Surprisingly not all retailers are opening up at midnight for the PS4 launch. We thought it would be good to organize information about PS4 midnight launches for our readers.

Here’s a short list of retailers holding midnight launch events for the PS4’s release:

    Fry’s Electronics (sorry for forgetting it at first!)

Note that not all stores will be holding midnight launches at these retailers, just that at a good amount of them are. As always its best to check with your local shops to see who is doing what.

Best Buy is holding midnight openings at various locations. You can check out your local area online to see if a Best Buy near you is doing a midnight launch. I know for a fact that the two Best Buys doing midnight launches in my town will have a live band and free food.

Target will not be doing any midnight launches for the PS4. Instead they’ll be opening up early at 8AM on Friday November 15th. GameStop stores will be doing various midnight launches depending on how many units each store had reserved by customers. I’d say most GameStop stores will be holding midnight events but you never know. Currently there is no way to check GameStop’s midnight openings online but you can check out their store events.

Some Wal-Mart stores will be doing “midnight openings” and by that we mean that some Wal-Marts will have employees aware that a new system comes out at midnight. Not every Wal-Mart will though, some will have employees who won’t sell it to you until the next day because,…well I don’t know why. Should you run into these employees just keep reminding them that every other store is selling the system already and ask them kindly to get one of the systems from the back for you since that little bit of effort is likely the thing they are trying to avoid.

Toys R Us stores in the US are mostly not doing midnight launches though there may be some exceptions.

Hopefully you got to pre-order a PS4 system before all of these major retailers sold out. If you didn’t I wish you the best of luck trying to grab a unit at midnight. I’d recommend going to locations in areas that don’t appear to be all that populated. You never know, you might just get lucky and find the one Best Buy, Wal-Mart or GameStop that got more systems than pre-orders. Even if there are stores that get extra units you should stay on your toes because those systems will surely be sold out fast.