IGN breaks embargo, gives Super Mario 3D World 9.6/10 and then removes their review

The first review for the much anticipated Super Mario 3D World went live today,… for a brief moment. IGN accidentally posted their video review 5 days early than what the media embargo request. Reviews for the game aren’t suppose to come out until November 19th.

They have since removed the video and you can’t find it anywhere. That didn’t stop us from checking it out before it got yanked. They really liked the game and praised things like the multiplayer and new power-ups. Ultimately they gave the game a 9.6 out of 10.

Sadly that’s all I could gather from their review before it got taken down. Of course the rest of us have to wait another week to get our hands on the next big 3D Mario game.

UPDATE: Here’s an image of the score in the video review.


  • bradtastic2

    Or you could watch it here 🙂

    • Stephen Davis

      It doesn’t work 🙁 anywhere else know I could watch it please?

      • bradtastic2

        Sorry mate, someone sent me the link. Ign must have hunted down the uploader and had it deleted lol.

        • Stephen Davis

          Its okay I found somewhere to download it.

  • WellWisher

    So the Wii U actually has the best games this Christmas? Hopefully people see through the hype of the other console launches and support this great effort.