PS Vita

Atlus announces Persona 5 for PS3, Persona Q for 3DS and Persona 4: Dance All Night for Vita

No one could have predicted that Atlus’s big Persona teaser would reap so many new announcements. Let’s get the biggest news out of the way first. Persona 5 is coming to the PS3 winter 2014. There is no western release date currently but it shouldn’t take too long after it hits Japan to make the trip overseas.

Here’s the Persona 5 teaser trailer.

In addition to that Atlus is bringing Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth to the Nintendo 3DS in June 2014. The game is being made by the same team that did the 3DS Etrian Oddyssey games and looks to be similar to those titles. Here’s a trailer for Persona Q.

And lastly Atlus is bringing a new Persona 4 spinoff to the PS Vita. This announcement is possibly the least excitable of all but it should still end up being a great product. Persona 4: Dance All Night is the game they’re bringing to Vita, you can watch the trailer here.

Atlus sure is busy. It doesn’t appear that being sold to Sega has had any real effect on their ability to put out great yet wacky titles. Obviously Persona 5 is the game to be most excited about though Persona Q looks very good too.