10 Days Left Until PS4 Launch: A Few Tips For Day One Buyers

That’s right folks, there are only ten days remaining until the PS4 hits shelves in North America. If you’ve secured a pre-order than you’re likely good to go and have only the decision of what launch games and accessories to worry about. If you didn’t secure a pre-order then you’re in some hot water.

It is expected that most retailers will sell out of their PS4 stock shortly after supplying all their pre-order customers though you could wait in line in the hopes of snagging an extra system. I wouldn’t bet on it myself personally and that’s why I pre-ordered mine as soon as possible. It’s going to be a busy day for a lot of people. If you have classmates missing from school or co-workers calling in sick on Friday November 15th then you’ll know why.

Here are just a few tips from us on how to handle launch day for PS4 fans. You’ve got make sure you’ve got everything covered and walk out with not just your system but anything else you might need.


Launch Games

Killzone: Shadow Fall stands out as the must-have PS4 launch title. It will boast impressive 1080p visuals and a unique challenge based leveling system in its multiplayer mode, Warzone. It also features a wealth of match making options to tweak your battles exactly the way you want. Killzone Shadow Fall isn’t available at all retailers already but it is for sale at GameStop stores. If you want to shave an extra minute or so off the time you spend waiting in store for the clerks to hand you your PS4 system then you might want to snag a copy of Killzone before November 15th.

In addition to that there are several other multi-platform games hitting the PS4 at launch. Call of Duty Ghosts is sure to be a popular choice along with Battlefield 4. Call of Duty is a fast paced shooter while playing online so it will serve as a great test of those improved triggers on the Dual Shock 4.

If you want something the whole family can play we’d suggest Lego Marvel Super Heroes or buying a PS4 camera so you can use the Playroom app that comes with every PS4 console. There will also be several free to play titles on the PS4 that should serve as nice diversions should you not be satisfied with any of the retail launch titles.



You can already purchase a Dual Shock 4 controller at some retailers, GameStop included. While they are easy to find now you will want to grab one before November 15th. There is a good chance retailers will sell out of their stock of controllers during their midnight launches. It is a guaranteed problem but a lot of people will wait until the last second to pick up a second controller so buying one early can at least save you one potential headache.

Playstation Plus is required to play online on the PS4. Not only that but two terrific games will be free at launch, Resogun and Contrast to be exact. The PS4 comes with a 14 day trial of the service and Call of Duty: Ghosts/Killzone both come with 7 trials. GameStop will be selling one year Playstation Plus subs for only $30, $20 off the normal price. We’d highly suggest riding out the system’s 14 day trial and then purchasing a year of Plus for $30 exactly 14 days later on November 29th.

Like I stated earlier the PS4 Camera will be required to use select PS4 software. It isn’t a must-have at launch but I’m sure support for the camera will pour in as time goes by. You can already buy it at some retailers for $60 but don’t fear about them selling out. You’ll probably be safe waiting until the system’s midnight launch or even the next day to grab it.

You’ll also want to grab some PSN gift cards if you’re the type who doesn’t like to use your credit cards online. Minecraft will probably cost $20 whenever it arrives on the system and there are a bunch of other great digital games to look forward to in the coming months like Jonathan Blow’s The Witness. Got to have that PSN credit ready to go!


Pre-ordering upcoming games

The PS4 has a solid lineup of games coming in early 2014 and afterwards. InFamous Second Son looks to ship in February and Destiny will grant beta access to pre-order customers early next year. These are probably the two top titles coming to PS4 in the early months of 2014 along side the digital release of Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes.

There isn’t a solid release window on The Order but we’d expect it to arrive on store shelves near the back half of Q2. Sony says they’ll try to get it out as soon as possible but something tells us we’ll be waiting a while for it. Nonetheless it would be wise to put some money down on the game so you have plenty of time to pay it off.


Tips for the midnight launch event

If you’re worried about being robbed or any sort of danger make sure to bring a friend with you when you pick up your PS4 system. Most stores will hold your system until the next day so if you can wait you could always pick it up in broad daylight. If you’re getting it at night try to park as close to the store front as possible. This may mean that you will have to get their early.

If you’re going to be waiting a long time in line you should bring a book, tablet, or a 3DS/Vita to pass the time. Ideally don’t use electronic devices while waiting in an outdoors line because it could make you a target for thieves. But if you’re lucky enough to be able to wait inside the store then feel free to whip out that portable system and watch time fly by as you wait for your PS4 unit.

Those are just our tips for how to handle the PS4 on launch day. Remember to be safe and try to get everything you need in as few trips as possible. Perhaps you don’t mind risking stores running on out of game copies or accessories but if you don’t want to leave that to chance grab one early if you can. Anyway you slice it, November 15th is going to be a great day for PS4 early adopters. Our final top would be to start brainstorming your excuse for not going to work the next day.