Wind Waker HD drowns during first week on sale in Japan, worst debut in series history

When Game & Wario and The Wonderful 101 bombed during their first week of sales in Japan, many people chalked it up to those series having niche appeal. While The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD was never going to move a lot of copies since it is a remake, the re-do of the 2003 GameCube classic had the series worst Japanese debut in history. Well, in Zelda’s history that is.

Wind Waker HD released on September 26th in Japan and Media Create is reporting that during the tracking week of September 23rd through September 29th the game only sold 30k copies.

How bad is that? That is less than all of the NES Zelda remakes for the Game Boy Advance. Yes, that means it sold less in its first week than Zelda II: The Adventure of Link for the GBA.

I can’t imagine Nintendo saw this coming. Wind Waker HD doesn’t seem to have had much of an impact on Wii U Japanese sales at least. Hopefully things look better in the west for the game’s sales.

I imagine that if Lego City Undercover can managed to move more than 100k units on the Wii U in America than Wind Waker HD should at least post 100k plus. That said, how much will the two week early release of the game on the eShop impact sales?

It could possible split sales so we might hear in a week or two that the digital version sold X amount in September and then hear next month that the retail version sold Y amount in October. We’ll have to wait to find out!

  • Guest

    I think people other than myself are finally getting tired of Nintendo releasing the same games over and over, whether its a remake or even the same game with a brand new coat of paint and a new title screen

    • PE Reviews

      Yeah cause Sony and Microsoft always release new innovative games.

      Oh and did you play The Wonderful 101 or Pikmin 3? Thats right…..you didn’t

      • Frank

        Pikmin THREE. Exactly.

        (Also, Wonderful 101 is from Platinum Games)

        • PE Reviews

          The Wonderful 101 was published by Nintendo. Therefore it is their game.

          and I was right…you didn’t play Pikmin 3

          • Frank

            I don’t need to play a game to know that a sequel to a sequel is not an original game, yes?

          • PE Reviews

            Completely new ideas can be brought and put into sequels.

            AND nice side step on The Wonderful 101.

            You didn’t play either game.

    • Yep


      • Frank

        The fact that others do it doesn’t make it right…

        • JezMM

          Except they are saying Nintendo don’t do it if you care to read.

    • Guest

      The fact that others do it doesn’t make it right.

      • JezMM

        That’s right, except they are saying Nintendo don’t do it if you care to read.

    • guest 200

      Yeah cod and madden and 2k14 and battlefiled r so original and r soo innovative that Nintendo should take notes.and if u don’t like there games don’t play them simple as that go play madden 4000 and cod modern black ghosts of warfare 4

    • jayjarn

      Like New Super Mario Bros.? Were people tired of that?

  • ganon8

    Myself i love the re release it rocks and looks even better than the cube

  • Stealth

    doesnt matter really. Its a US/Europe title

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  • Sunblaze24

    Isn’t this a digital release only, beyond the limited edition bundle that most stores don’t get many copies of?

    If you looked at other digital only titles, less than 30k would probably be pretty good for Wii U eShop standards.

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  • Bob*

    I’m sorry but…did people actually expected this game to sell millions and move consoles?

    Wind waker was never ever a succesful title. it’s cartoony graphics and boring gameplay was what made them do Twilight princess. whoever thought that now people would like it more for being HD is delusional.

    They would rather made a HD collection of the (much better) classic zeldas and release them in a disk than this game nobody asked for. It wouldn’t sold millions but would have been better accepted than this thing.