Ubisoft: Rayman Legends and Splinter Cell had ‘low sales’

More bad news for Ubisoft today as they revealed via a conference call that Rayman Legends and Splinter Cell Blacklist had “lower sales” than they had anticipated.

Rayman Legends may have been effected by angry Wii U owners over the seven month delay and by releasing in between Madden and GTA V. Splinter Cell Blacklist sold notoriously terrible on Wii U during August, selling less than 10k during its first month on the Nintendo platform. For reference it sold roughly 300k across all platforms.

Rayman Legends does have a small bright spot as it appears that it has sold best on Wii U which doesn’t come as much of a surprise. It is disheartening to hear Rayman under-performing despite being ported to 360, PS3 and PS Vita. Obviously if you’re going to point a finger at platforms of which Rayman didn’t sell well on you’d have to point in every direction except Nintendo’s.

  • smashbrolink

    I predicted this the moment ray went multiplatform and splinter cell had content issues. Ubisoft have only themselves to blame.

    • ChoSeN

      yeah it was just so obvious that it would happen. I know many people were warning of this problem! And now- it happened. Well, i hope Ubisofts learns from it fast, otherwise it will become the next THQ!

  • Sebastien Simard

    The online mode of splinter cell blacklist on wii u is complete garbage since day 1… and we are still waiting for a patch… Wii U owner paid 60$ for this game and its missing local coop and online multiplayer. thats why it wont sell.

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  • nachio

    Splinter Cell is just another example of popular franchise oversaturation, and the familiar tale of Wiiu online functionality handicap is just embarrassing now as far as third party devs are concerned. The fact they are citing a low install base is pitiful when you consider the massive third party push for next gen Xbox and Ps who haven’t sold a unit yet. Sigh… And Rayman, I feel really sorry for Ancel and his team, it’s a really great quality title, but never a Mario or Sonic historically. I guarantee if they kept it Wiiu exclusive and released it as originally planned it probably would’ve sold a lot more. Rayman legends didn’t exactly set the world alight sales wise on 360 and PS3. Just another example of the suits making ‘creative’ decisions in an industry where creativity used to be key.

  • This is what Ubisoft gets for such lack of foresight and the result of just plain stupid decisions. Why will I buy Splinter Cell for my Wii U when we get an gimped online experience? Keep your titles Ubisoft, I’ll go elsewhere for quality.

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  • KeyboardG

    From what I read on MiiVerse, the WiiU edition of SplinterCell is plagued with bugs that make multiplayer basically impossible.

  • NPeart

    Gimping a version content wise is an easy way of gimping it sales wise at the same time. ESPECIALLY when its concerning a consoles special feature, like Wii U’s local co op! Wii U has own screens for both players, so it is a co op machine; its not wise to leave that feature unused.

    Rayman delay was just pure stupidity. The game was ready and people were hyped for it LAST SPRING and the system had no other interesting games at the moment, and it also had months of game drought in sight!!! There was sales for it over a half a year ago, but they missed that buss.

    The game would have sold a lot better, if it released in spring, and I also think that the delay even had an impact in Wii U’s sales, as the Rayman would have greatly helped the initial game drought on the system.