Old Titles Inspire Video Game Nostalgia in Today’s Gamers

The metallic series of clanks that echo out of an arcade machine as a quarter falls into the slot. A brief glimpse of Mario’s grinning mug, smiling back at you from a cabinet buried in the corner of the bar. Passing an arcade, the words “Finish Him” manage to stand out from the pack, stirring up memories of countless battles orchestrated with joystick in hand.

These types of moments have an undeniable power over modern gamers, grabbing hold of a deep part of their brains and forcing countless memories to rise to the surface: Saturday mornings spent in front of the Nintendo, or Friday evenings with your face mere inches away from your favorite arcade machine at the local bowling alley. Nostalgia is a powerful force, and it can make gamers do some pretty silly things.

The Good Ol’ Days

Gaming nostalgia is something the older crowd can’t seem to wrap its mind around. They’ll never understand what it feels like to want to shoot that stupid, laughing dog in “Duck Hunt” so badly your trigger finger still itches to this very day. They’ve never spent countless hours duking it out as Ryo and Ken in “Street Fighter II,” and they’ve certainly never lost an entire weekend to a game that grabbed hold of their attention so completely, they nearly forgot to sleep, eat, or run to the bathroom.

For those who grew up with video games as a major form of entertainment, the time they spent with Mario and Luigi is every bit as important as the time they spent flipping through the pages of “A Tale of Two Cities” or watching “Cool Hand Luke.” Some games are accepted by the masses as classics, and some are only remembered by the niche audience that happened to fall head over heels in love with them. But they’re all just as deserving of fond memories and nostalgic moments as the works of any other medium.

Vintage Games Re-created

All gamers have their favorite titles that were a big part of their formative years and, as adults, they’ve some have taken that love quite a bit further. Over on, for instance, the guys from the CKY series of films once reenacted “Donkey Kong” for the sheer thrill of it. Those guys put together a massive series of scaffolding, decorations, and more just to film one of their members trying to complete the epic climb to save a damsel in distress.

And then there’s that video of “The Russian” fighting the robotic ninja, Sektor, from “Mortal Kombat.” Rather than just play some more “Mortal Kombat” or, say, clean the attic, these guys decided to choreograph a complex battle between a real person and a fictional character from a video game, all in the name of nostalgia.

Whether you’re perusing sites such as YouTube or utilizing a funny video application on your smartphone, these types of videos — odes to classic gaming, as it were — are all over the place. They remind people what makes games so fun, terrifying and hilarious, but, most importantly, they let gamers know there are more people out there who share the same fond memories that they do.

There’s no telling if today’s biggest games will stand the test of time and serve as such fantastic memory fodder as the above mentioned classics, but with so many “Kinect Fail” (3) videos and the like popping up on the Internet daily, there’s a good chance these modern offerings are creating just as many lasting memories as Donkey Kong.