Nintendo allowing cross-platform online play with Playstation, Xbox users

Nintendo is really changing a lot of their online policies with 3DS/Wii U. How much are they changing it? Well they are allowing developers to allow online cross-platform play with iOS/Android devices. They are even willing to allow cross-play with Xbox and Playstation systems. For real!

Pure Chess developer Ripstone revealed this news by saying:

We’re launching Pure Chess and Knytt Underground later this year, and on Pure Chess we asked whether we could do cross-platform multiplayer, expecting it to be the typical closed console platform I’ve been used to working with for 20 years. Within a couple of days they said, ‘yep, no problem. You can have other console players playing against Wii U players. You can have smartphone players play against them. No problem

This is a pretty huge deal. I never thought I’d see the day when one console maker would allow players to play against other console users online. I certainly didn’t think Nintendo would be the one to do it.

If this doesn’t convince you that Nintendo has changed, along with their relaxed payment policies and complete embrace of indie developers, I don’t know what will.

  • smashbrolink

    This is big news.
    The other consoled do cross platform, but I don’t think they do it with anything other than PC.
    I think Nintendo is the first to come out and say they’d love to join hands with Sony and Micro by allowing cross-play with their rivals on certain games.

    Dedicated servers would make this possible.

    And do you know what has dedicated servers that’s releasing soon?

    Call of Duty Ghosts.

    Opportunity knocking?
    I think so.
    Let’s wait and see if any of them answer the door for Ghosts…

    • Tlacatecolototl

      Not going to happen. MS isn’t going to allow it, nor is Sony. It’s all about that exclusive tag.

      • smashbrolink

        I fear you’re right, but we can HOPE, can’t we?
        I mean, wouldn’t you like to be able to blast anyone regardless of system?
        That could be a major selling point that would make any version of the system fine to get, because then anyone regardless of console could face any of their friends no matter what they play on as well.
        Not everyone is going to be an early adopter of a PS4 or 360, after all.
        I’d love to be able to pit myself against the people of Live or PSN without having to invest in those monthly subscription fees.

    • usrev

      few games do it with pc’s either because mouse and keyboard is a joke to use.

      I doubt MS and sony would allow cross platform play either.

      they probably won’t do it with nintendo either. smart phones? maybe, but other major platforms? no.

      • Alex

        “because mouse and keyboard is a joke to use.” Care to elaborate on that one?

      • smashbrolink

        That’s a damned shame, because it would make a lot of their fanbases happy to be able to play in fighting or shooting games and beat the snot out of people from other systems.
        It could be a “console WARS” selling point, if they tied it in with CoD.XD

  • BalramRules

    I guess this seals the fate of RuneScape on Consoles. 😀

  • Hyperstar96

    “If this doesn’t convince you that Nintendo has changed…”

    Changed from what? They’ve always been great.

    • gimmegimmekevin

      I meant in regards to their digital policies, like their infamous WiiWare policies that developers spoke out against.

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  • huh…
    thats quite intriguing i wonder how this will play out

  • Leon_Tekashi

    I really hope this is successful. Think of the possibilities it can make.

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  • JuleyJules

    This would be great if it works. You’d just buy your console of choice and have tons of gamers to play certain online games against at any given time. It wouldn’t matter which other system they were on. After all most multiplatform games are essentially the same experience from one platform to the next. Xbone/PS4 graphics will be better than Wii U and Wii U will have some different control options with the Gamepad but gameplay will be the same.

  • realist

    They need it because the Wii U install base is DEAD on every online game.

    • Falcoxcalibur

      Monster Hunter 3 says HELLO!!!!

  • Solid Snake

    The dream is coming true!

  • Michael

    Because if they don’t allow it, you will have to play against the same person everytime because nobody has a Wii U.

  • Naberios

    What are the chances that Sony or MS will actually let this happen? I think Sony had a game that was cross playable with PC, so hopefully this is something they’d at least consider. Unfortunately, this isn’t something I see MS willing to do. Would be nice in a lot of games to have this as an option. Especially if it was an option (something in the game letting choose to only play with others playing on the same console, or going cross-platform).