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What happened to Assassin’s Creed video

Gamespot has posted a very good video discussing the decline of the Assassins Creed series. The series is selling well so it has no end in sight but somewhere along the lines the series worn out its welcome, at least with me.

Assassin’s Creed III had some bright spots like its setting but there was so much wrong with the game that it ended up feeling like a 20-hour chore for me. Hopefully Black Flag can make me a believer again.

Check this video out if you agree.

  • Mrteapot

    Yea i loved assassin creed 1 and 2 but after 2 cliffhanger ending left me bitter to continually buy more in the series. To the point i see revelation and brotherhood finally for 15 bucks at gamestop i don’t see any point left in the series for me


    black flag looks the same as AC 3 just with minor additions, they still havent fixed the stealth (my main gripe with AC since the first game) there needs to be a fuckin crouch button, im an assassin allow me to sneak up behind someone and kill them ffs!!!

  • Border

    They began milking the franchise and not doing anything with it. Vast improvement between the first two games, but they come out with Brotherhood which should have been in the second game to begin with. Didn’t even give Revelations any thought due to it being with Ezio again and not really differentiating from the previous games, along with the backlash towards it. ACIII?? Didn’t give it a thought, same goes for Black Flag.

    By the end of AC2/Brotherhood, I couldn’t wait for the AC3 and see the story end because I really enjoyed the plot. Once it was announced Revelations was being released and so on and so forth, the series ended for me.

  • Manuel Granados

    What happened to it? It became a yearly thing where they only had to change the setting to something that sounded cool (AC III) or something people wanted (AC with pirates).

    It’s like the yearly sports title with a small variation, except you don’t have online to compete with others or a “favorite team” you want to be beating opponents with, you have a lackluster story written and brought to life in a 6 month span that attempts to breathe life into something stale.

  • illustratorkan

    the game is called assassin’s creed and yet you do not actually assassinate anyone, it kinda feels like it lost its whole purpose. how many main story people did we actually assassinate in ac3? 3 or 4. can’t remember but it was low.. yeah banking and building cities is kinda fun but they keep on adding shit like trade trade routes and and ships and etc etc.. i do not want to fucking get gold ore to build a fucking bird cage so i can sell it and make money. if i wanted to do that i would have played a different game. they got away from the heart of the game, which is assassinating people.. sigh..

  • sirmixalot

    wtf this dude talking bout, IT IS A VIDEO GAME, at most people will play for a month then they move on or trade the game or wait for the next installment.Yes 2 and brotherhood were fantastic but it was mostly cause the main character/ ezio not desmond was dope, their was a lot going for 3 but conner just didnt deliver, maybe if they showed him changing like they did with ezio, but they have already moved on to his grandfather. I feel like they just gotta build up anther main character and maybe make the 100 sync easier the third ones 100’s were alot harder then the other games. Not that thats bad but theirs “annoyingly on purpose just to make the game longer bad” and “you keep working at this and you might get it bad” this was the first. just one bored gamers opinion.