Game Freak: Pokemon MMORPG wouldn’t ‘surprise people’

Game Freak has been asked why they refuse to make a Pokemon MMORPG countless times, that isn’t new. But Pokemon series producer Junichi Masuda recently stated a new reason why they don’t like that idea. He says it would be far too predictable.

Rather than looking at it from the point of view of, ‘Do we want to make a game for the Wii U, or do we want to create an MMORPG?’ we are always trying to think of ways to create something which is different. I wasn’t sure if – after Pokémon Black and White – people saw Pokémon X and Y coming, but we really like to challenge ourselves to create something which is different and which will surprise people. We don’t want to just create an MMORPG which has been done before. Our mission is always to create something different that can surprise people

I think he’s right to an extent. Yes, since everyone has been asking for it for so long it wouldn’t surprise people. If they truly want to do innovative things with the series than an MMORPG isn’t the first thing that comes to mind.

Even if they did make an MMORPG it would have a hard time appealing to children, a large part of the Pokemon audience, since parents are always hesitant to let their children play games online with strangers.

It doesn’t look like we’ll ever see an official Pokemon MMORPG but at least Game Freak is dedicated to working on something new and exciting at all times.