Game Freak: Pokemon MMORPG wouldn’t ‘surprise people’

Game Freak has been asked why they refuse to make a Pokemon MMORPG countless times, that isn’t new. But Pokemon series producer Junichi Masuda recently stated a new reason why they don’t like that idea. He says it would be far too predictable.

Rather than looking at it from the point of view of, ‘Do we want to make a game for the Wii U, or do we want to create an MMORPG?’ we are always trying to think of ways to create something which is different. I wasn’t sure if – after Pokémon Black and White – people saw Pokémon X and Y coming, but we really like to challenge ourselves to create something which is different and which will surprise people. We don’t want to just create an MMORPG which has been done before. Our mission is always to create something different that can surprise people

I think he’s right to an extent. Yes, since everyone has been asking for it for so long it wouldn’t surprise people. If they truly want to do innovative things with the series than an MMORPG isn’t the first thing that comes to mind.

Even if they did make an MMORPG it would have a hard time appealing to children, a large part of the Pokemon audience, since parents are always hesitant to let their children play games online with strangers.

It doesn’t look like we’ll ever see an official Pokemon MMORPG but at least Game Freak is dedicated to working on something new and exciting at all times.

  • heavenshitman1

    Geeez , Im sure they can do an online game without including voice or text communication thus removing the abuse factor.
    They can surely make a full fledged adventure on the home system and it could be unimaginably huge. The kids are a great demographic but there millions of adults that would get into this too.
    GTA V is breaking world records. If a company like Rockstar had the Pokemon IP , u think they’d wait a moment to make a home console RPG?
    Cant believe the potential Gamefreak seems to be unaware of.

    • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

      Fuck that I’d rather we get Pokemon X Monster Hunter X Xenoblade.

      • heavenshitman1

        Sounds good to me. So lets make this happen.
        We’re all pretty sure they’re doing ‘Pokémon something’ for WiiU. But please let it be something bigger than a spin off VS game.
        Even a new Pokémon Snap on WiiU could be uber successful considering how perfect the game pad could be acting as a 3 dimensional camera and now that the WiiU has enough graphical performance to make a beautiful world (unlike the N64 version I owned back in those days)

        • dcnsm

          you would rather have a pokemon snap than a VS game?!?!

          • heavenshitman1

            Well if they make any Pokémon game for the WiiU, I’d rather it be a full fledged RPG or yes , even a photo Snap game. As said above, I owned the N64 Pokémon Stadium back in the day. And it was good, but unless you (and your friends) actually had the Gameboy adventure to go with it, the game was pretty empty, not much too it.