Creepy scene in Pokemon X/Y discovered

I haven’t discovered this myself yet but I’m eager to try it out. There is a very odd moment in Pokemon X/Y when the player goes to the second floor the dojo building in Luminose City.

Watch what happens here. Sorry for the bad quality video.

The player’s character enters the room and the lights flicker. Suddenly a mysterious girl appears all Ju-On style and floats forward without doing a walking animation like a real creep. She then tells the player that they aren’t “the one.” Apparently this girl may have appeared in Pokemon Black and White though I wasn’t aware of her presence in those games.

What the heck could this be? Hopefully someone will discover soon.


  • Mrteapot

    She floats to you and asks if your the one……that’s pretty dirty

  • ghjgfhgf

    holy fuck this is just a evil character that us from like team plasma like the leader or sumthin but when you win she appears again and says so you are the one… congrats for becoming a pokemon master!

  • AlucardX


  • Rinku2014

    that is just creepy… either a hack or a really, really Fucking creepy glitch..

    • Rinku2014

      i ALWAYS figure crap like this out but i’m just sitting here, trying to this crap out…

    • 500mph

      It isnt a hack or a glitch…it happened to me too. it is a creepy easter egg. there are a few in the game.

  • darthlenaplant

    She’s probably a ghost or something (could also be a psychic), like in DPP and BW/B2W2.

  • Nadia Pflug

    no to ghjgfhgf because I have already beat the game and she I haven’t seen her again

  • ThatRandomPoster

    well, have you guys seen the missing-no glitch in Lumoise city? I forgot which building it is (I believe it was a restaurant), if you walk slowly with your camera facing the door, you can see in the black of the doorway the faint outline of the missing-no. its one of the Easter eggs.

  • Cahone2

    stupid game