Why you should wait to buy a PS4/Xbox One after 2013

With both the Xbox One and PS4 shipping in November next-gen gaming is finally upon us. There is a lot to be excited about: Cloud gaming, massive amounts of RAM, playing games while downloading them, and more. While there are many reasons to buy a PS4/Xbox One this year there are also a lot of reasons to wait.

Some of these reasons are the same things you may have heard from those waiting to upgrade their PS2s to Xbox 360s, or upgrade their PS1s to the PS2. Some of this stuff is timeless, serving as a warning to those thinking about being an early adopter. Here are just a few reasons why you should try to ignore the hype and wait until long after launch to get into next-gen console gaming. Don’t worry, we know its hard and won’t judge you if you bite the next-gen bullet this year.

Within a year of launch the PS3 was being sold as low as $399 brand new

Within a year of launch the PS3 was being sold as low as $399 brand new

Price drops are always around the corner

You never know with price cuts. The 3DS was clearly over priced and suffered, getting a $80 price cut within 4 months. The PS3 didn’t sell super well out of the gate either and Sony was tripping over themselves in 2007 to cut costs to bring that price down. They ended up taking out PS2 game playback and reduced the system’s hard drive to 40GB but eventually got a $399 SKU out the door by fall 2007. That means the PS3 got a $200 price cut essentially within 11 months.

The Wii U is a shining example of this. I’m not saying either the Xbox One or PS4 will stumble out of the gate as badly as Nintendo’s next-gen console but you never know. Crazier things have happened. It took Nintendo 10 months to cut the Wii U’s price and they really didn’t want to do it. If you wait until well into 2014 to buy a PS4 or Xbox One then you stand a better chance at getting the system at a lower price. I would imagine the Xbox One will be the first to receive a price reduction simply due to having the higher price between the two.

Software droughts: No New Console is Immune

Software droughts: No New Console is Immune

Software droughts: They happen to everyone

The Wii U, 3DS, PS3, Xbox 360, and PS2 all went through some sort of software drought after their holiday releases. Of course, the 3DS and Wii U stand as the worst but even the PS3/PS2/360 had some rough days in their first 6 months on the market. It isn’t a bad decision to buy a device for the future, knowing that you won’t get a lot of play out of it right away. Waiting until it has a software library that you really want is best because not only will the system probably be cheaper but all those launch window games will be cheaper too, giving you a more affordable pool of games to pick from.


As always, there are going to be unexpected problems

I can’t imagine either the PS4 or Xbox One will suffer from a Red Ring-like fiasco but you should be cautious. I don’t care how many Nintendo systems have never broken on me, I still felt a little uneasy being an early adopter of the Wii U last November. Bad things happened that highly trained, skilled people overlook. Hopefully no failure issues effect these next-gen consoles but if you wait until some point in 2014 you have a better chance of not having to deal with them.


Retailers will be doing a lot more sales on PS4/Xbox One in 2014

You usually don’t see big temporary price cuts at retailers on new hardware during the holidays, especially if that hardware released during Thanksgiving. The Wii U wasn’t sold at lower than MSRP price during holiday 2012, nor were the PS3, 360 and Wii during their respective launch years. So don’t count on nabbing a $349 PS4 at Best Buy on Black Friday or a $399 Xbox One. Retailers don’t need to discount these consoles because demand from early adopters will be good enough already.

When hardware sales slow down in early 2014 and onward, that’s the time to expect good discounts on these new systems. The Wii U has been sold as low as $150 depending on your country, heck Wal-Mart in Canada was selling the basic set for $199 just a few weeks ago. You never know when these discounts will happen but they are far less likely to happen at launch.

Lack of interesting, next-gen exclusive games

This one is debatable. The Xbox One has a new Forza at launch, the PS4 has a new Killzone. Each system have some gems that are only playable on them but both have lineups filled with third party multiplatform games. Why buy a new console just to play games you could’ve played on your PS3 and 360 systems? Sure, they’ll be prettier and maybe have some extra content on next-gen consoles. Is that really worth $400-$500 extra instead of waiting for system prices to come down and simply buying these multiplatform games for cheaper?

In addition to that there are a lot of great games coming to 360/PS3 this year and next. Soul Calibur II HD, Fable Anniversary, Beyond: Two Souls, GTA V, Final Fantasy XV (PS3), and Metal Gear Solid V. With a lineup full of good games like these you probably will have a hard time unplugging your 360/PS3 systems until 2015.

System updates will improve both consoles

Microsoft and Sony are sending out two amazing next-gen consoles this November. Both of them promise a lot of features that will blow your mind. Playing a digital game while I’m downloading it? Thank you very much!

That said, both systems are sure to have their quirks. They are still just infants in terms of how far they will come along years from now. Waiting to jump in on these consoles will ensure you don’t have to deal with these rough patches during the early days.


These are just a few reasons why it might be a good decision to skip out on the Xbox One and PS4 this year. Both consoles have great lineups and will impress with their massive horsepower upgrades and new features. That doesn’t mean you can’t wait to embrace next-gen gaming. You’ll be better off in the long run if you do for various reasons that we listed above. I would love to pick up all new consoles at launch but sometimes it is better to wait.