Trevor’s First Mission: The most uncomfortable I’ve ever been playing a video game

No, I’m not referring to Trevor’s “real” first mission at the very beginning of the game where him and Michael rob a bank. I’m talking about the first mission where you play as Trevor in the present day, about 8 hours into the story of GTA V. I will warn you that there is some massive early game spoilers in this post so stop reading right now if you want to avoid spoilers.

Still reading? Ok. Let me get to why Trevor’s first mission in GTA V made me uncomfortable. It wasn’t that I was killing waves of innocent people, GTA games have made me immune to feeling bad about killing countless NPCs. One big factor is that the game normally lets you decide whether you want to go on a rampage or not. This time it was telling me to wipe out an entire social click from the face of Los Santos. For no good reason either, other than to help Trevor’s meth business.

The Lost riders in this mission weren’t doing anything wrong and were minding their own business. I should be disgusted by this alone. For all intents and purposes this is the same thing as Modern Warfare 2’s “No Russian” mission except it replaces the helpless civilians with motorcycle riding gun owners.


Sure, the Lost members aren’t as helpless as the people in “No Russian” but they weren’t prepared for a shootout and didn’t do anything to deserve it. This is par for the course on GTA though, so I was mostly okay with the awkward killing of countless Lost members. After all that is what GTA mostly is, traveling from place to place for different shootouts. What really disturbed me was the brutal murder of Johnny Klebitz from the GTA IV expansion, The Lost and the Damned.

Johnny Klebitz lead the Lost chapter in Liberty City and at some point in the past 5 in-game years he moved to Los Santos with some Lost members and his always-cheating girlfriend. Seeing that Johnny is still chasing after a girl who will never treat him right (nor is he a good match for her) is depressing enough but his murder at the hands of Trevor was shocking.

I liked Johnny. He was a bit of a whiner but I enjoyed the Lost and the Damned DLC. I can understand why he wasn’t the star of a mainline, numerical GTA game but he was a great character. I was invested into seeing how things played out for him. I did not want to see him get curb-stomped by a pathetic meth-head with a temper. During the whole cut scene I expected Johnny to get back up but of course he didn’t. His girlfriend is left crying at his side after realizing her infidelity somehow lead Johnny to an early grave.

You can't see it from this angle but Trevor is crushing Johnny's skull with repeated stomps.

You can’t see it from this angle but Trevor is crushing Johnny’s skull with repeated stomps.

Johnny was possessive and controlling, he had some bad stuff coming his way I’ll give you that. But I did not want to see him murdered as if he was an insignificant roach. I don’t know if Rockstar was trying to channel their inner Walking Dead or Game of Thrones by killing off such a big character quickly and harshly but I know that I didn’t like it. This scene reminded of a particular major character who is killed off in a very gruesome fashion in the 100th issue of The Walking Dead. I question whether it was necessary to establish the character of the murderer.

I understand that Trevor’s missions are being praised as the most fun overall in GTA V. Of course this one moment in the game won’t make me stop playing it, it could the very best game of this generation. But I resent having to play as Trevor. How am I suppose to want to see him succeed after something like this? How should I feel as the player who is helping him achieve his goals all the while waiting for him to get killed? Even as I begin to see more of his charm and like little things he does, I continue to hope for him to finally get what’s coming to him as I haven’t read any end-game spoilers yet thankfully. I would like to point out that if Rockstar was trying to foreshadow an eventual Trevor heel turn (I swear I haven’t read any end game spoilers!) that killing Johnny like this hints at that way too strongly if that does indeed happen.

Just because this moment made me uncomfortable doesn’t make it bad necessarily. Rockstar was trying to get some deep emotions out of their players and they did just that. I just don’t know if it served its purpose well. I think killing a random member of the Lost in front of Johnny would have worked just as well in establishing Trevor as a mad-man with a short fuse. Why did it have to be Johnny? Does his disgusting execution add something to the overall story? I haven’t finished the game so perhaps I will have my answer shortly but I will say that if there is a payoff for Johnny Klebitz’s murder in GTA V it will have to be pretty good.

Rockstar did a lot of things right with GTA V. Among others, they may have crafted the first video game protagonist that I truly want to see bad things happen to. The first playable main character who I want to see on the receiving end of something brutal. Kudos Rockstar, you brought out a reaction in me that I didn’t expect going in. These are some complex feelings that video games don’t often provoke from players. Whether Johnny Klebitz was the right selection as Trevor’s big “ooh this guy is evil” victim or not remains to be seen. At the very least, Trevor is a legendary game character that will be talked about for a long time.

What do you think of Rockstar’s decision to off Johnny Klebitz so casually in GTA V? Let us know in the comments below.

  • the1theycallfoo

    Ya, I looked this up just to see if I was the only 1 upset bout how they treated jonny like a lil bitch

  • Hudson

    I was shocked, especially by the way he was killed, he was a ruthless biker back in liberty city, but trevors no joke, try switching to rage mode and punch someone, you’ll see what I’m saying Lol

  • Biker


    The way Johnny was killed is a rats death. He did not fight back, even though we know Johnny was a real badass. I have spent so many hours playing the lost and the damned that i kinda bonded with him. and this is how he died? no fight no nothing. it should been a more heroic ending of his life. I guess Rockstar wanted to show how badass trevor can be, but that would have worked with any other guy. and that respectless death, and then he got some of johnnys brains stuck on his boot. But why Johnny? If you really needed to see somebody from the old gta it should have been cj! imagine a old cj coming out in the streets with a gun and walking stick. In the next game I want the main character to be a member of the angels of death or just work for them. I’m gonna be honest, I like the biker and think it is awesome to run with a gang like that. also I want it to be possible to create biker gangs in gta online.

    • These characters are not superheroes, or gods. They are mortal. This is just a reminder of that. There is a show called “The Wire”, and it is generally considered one of the greatest shows of all time. In it, there is a fan favorite character that runs around with a big shotgun, robbing drug dealers. He manages to perform many great heists, and he is portrayed as the ultimate badass. But near the end of the show he is randomly shot in the head at a market while he buys some fucking cheerios. More importantly, many of the other characters do not even care, and his murder is on one of the last pages in the paper. The show had built him up as almost a mythical figure, and we believed it because that is the small lens we were shown. But at the end of the day, he was just another criminal whos death meant nothing to the world at large. That is reality.

      • whatever

        This isn’t a reminder of that. It’s to shock the player. It was pointless and stupid and any justification of it is bullshit. I play games to get away from reality, so anytime a game shoves reality in my face I just want to put it down and walk away. I don’t care how good the rest of GTA V is, this took sooooooo much away from the experience. Just left a sour taste in my mouth.

        • “I play games to get away from reality. If there is any sense of reality fuck it. How dare they not cater to me specifically. Fuck anyone who got anything else out of it, their opinions are not valid!”

        • Isisec

          I disagree, people die all the time whether they ” deserve” it or not. I found his death both brutal and arguably necessary. He had become a meth head, his body weakened and his mental state obviously eroded, this is the reality of this kind of drug abuse in many cases. We will mourn and we will forget and eventually one day we will most likely find a great revenge story stemming from this somewhat senseless murder. Or maybe not…as is the way with most things. This is the kind of reality in games that help out the unrealistic game play and so I am all for it. Opinions will be opinions though so I guess you should walk away and let everyone else enjoy it 😉

    • t3n40

      you’re crazy. i hated seeing johnny die too, but i’m glad it was him and not cj. r* wouldn’t do it to cj. he’s beloved and he’s the main guy from one of last gen’s biggest games. johnny was cool but he was nowhere near that big and his story was just a short dlc.

    • g.huy17

      Johnny was a hard man. His behaviors in that mission was not right ! He was so weak, like a woman. I wasn’t upset about his death, but I was upset about how he died

  • SaTaN_eAt_ChEeSe

    Thought it was a bit unfair for RockStar to end Johnny at all let alone the way it happened. In GTA4 he was against meth and wanted to “cure” his girlfriend but in this they basically made him out to be a meth head. Perhaps he deserved it for becoming what he hated but killing off a character that you can still play is imo against one of the golden rules of gaming and games in general.
    R.I.P Johnny
    P.S Yeah, I am sad for getting into a game this much XD

  • Vita owner

    Rockstar killed off Johnny to make all the whiney little bitched whine and complain,because they don’t give a fuck.And that’s why I like Rockstar.

  • Vita owner

    Ultimately every GTA character from past games may as well be dead anyways,because Rockstar never makes a game with the same protaganist twice,so really it doesn’t matter that Johnny was killed,or how.

  • Bill Pappin

    They should have atleast let him die with some dignity.

  • Zardoz

    And don’t forget about being forced to kill Terry and Clay, just to add insult to the injury.

    • Auron D. Hoxha

      You can leave them alive, but you wont get the gold medal.


    I found this cause i just saw it in game and wanted to see if i was the only person upset by his death and the way he died. i guess when you really think about it they were showing how far Johnny had fallen. his appearence is obviously different as he is very skinny and strung out being addicted to meth. he didnt have any real fight in him or anything, he just got mildy upset that his girl he still loved was being screwed by this jerk. the old johnny w all know and love would have just straight up took trevor out right then and there.
    maybe if we are lucky they will do a DLC or something and let us play a prequel with johnny and see how the mighty have fallen so to speak. i was excited to hear he was going to be in GTA 5 but then he is snuffed out jus tas quick as he is introduced and it really was a let down. it also goes to show how rockstar can write good story and get people attached to a character so heavily.

  • Billy Grey

    I smiled when i heard Johhny the Jew died!

  • It is a reminder that people who die, are not just numbers you hear on the news. They are actual people. Johnny had a whole adventure, filled with ups and downs. There was even a time when things looked like they were gonna go good for him. But sometimes people relapse. He was back on drugs, and back chasing the same girl, only to be murdered casually. When we play games like this, there is a tendency to get disconnected from the game. Killing people is a fun part of the game, and we all get a kick out of it. But the murder of a character we all cared about reminds us that these people are deplorable monsters, and that the reality is that ending a life is a terrible action.

    • Musanish

      That is the greatest thing I have ever read

  • JustCallMePanzer

    Johnny’s murder was a farce, but a necessary one. You expect the whole game to be nothing but killing faceless pedestrians and rival gang member who probably deserved it anyway. But then we see Johnny and if you played TL&TD, you are pleading, almost begging, for him to make it out of that scene alive, but you know he’s fallen too far and his time has come. You hate Trevor and I suspect that’s EXACTLY what Rockstar wants. They wanted to show just how much of an asshole he is and that’s EXACTLY what they did.

    I’ll enjoy Trev’s wacky personality and zany commentary, but God help me if I don’t wish death on him for what he did. Johnny deserved better.

  • Barnorok

    This is worst than Johnny Gat’s death in SRTT

    • FEVRIKLKJGAefrtyr

      Lol Saints row fucking sucks

  • Milson Felix

    I think it was a bad choice…
    I liked Johnny, I really liked him.

    Rockstar, if you’re going to kill a guy, a really badass biker, leader of a chapter, don’t you think you should make him die the way he lived?
    He took a beating like a girl, and Trevor is an old, creepy and crazy man.

    They should have made it more interesting, because a leader of a MC wouldn’t take the words of a mindless old guy like “Take your pants off and let’s fuck” like Johnny took.
    He would have blown the crazy guy’s head.

  • leingod

    It was a bold move by Rockstar. It really shocked me, but I also get why they did it… if you had played the Lost and the Damned, the scene would leave an impression on you. Then you get to the internet and comment about it. That’s always good for a game.

    • gimmegimmekevin

      If you’re referring to me, the author of this post, it is pretty clear that I played and beat TLAD. If that wasn’t clear enough then I’ll tell you now that I completed it and grew rather attached to Johnny.

      • leingod

        Nah, I didn’t mean you in particular. I meant whoever played the GTA IV expansion.

      • ice man

        Exactly how did the front part of his head get chopped off? Rubber incision? Lol, rockstar if your going to make someone more bad ass than Trevor die, at least make it make sense.

  • John Gourmond

    I didn’t think it was Johnny because he looked and acted like a total bitch in GTA V.
    Now its confirmed, made me happy with the ending i picked.

  • Channel x is the best

    i didn’t mind, i thought it was great albeit slightly shocking. i would like to know why they decided to kill him but i don’t really care, more concerned about getting into gta online to be honest. It’s a game all the violence and buttheart about the torture scene and johnny’s death is absurd

  • MrAlex268

    I thought Johnny was a tough ass motherfucker but its seems he wasnt…I agree that would have been more “comfortable” if he would fight back because if he even was weak he wasnt that weak…
    I thought the main characters of GTA they CANNOT kill each other because they have the same “power,ability,strength”
    Im happy im not the only one who gets in a game like this and whos upset on this case….

  • master

    At the end of the game you can kill trevor the scum

  • Denis Jantzen Avci

    I hate that it had to be absolute favourite character. I wanted Johnny to be a friend in GTA V. Johnny was a very cool guy, always helping a friend in need and kicking people’s ass for being a douche. If it was back in 2007, Johnny would have smashed his fist into Trevor’s skinny face. Maybe even shoot him. Plus, no matter how much of a psychopath you are, you cannot kill so many bikers at once. If only Trevor could also be a biker. He’s as dangerous as they can be.

  • RICOG71

    I Just watched the scene I feel the exact same way as you do..what a waste of a good character. Having played all the GTA series this was the most uncomfortable feeling i ever got from the storylines..I really enjoyed playing “The Lost” expansion pack (even though it ended on a sour note)

  • trash trash

    at first i thought, is that Johnny from the The Lost? nah, cant be, that’s a gay dude who looks like johnny. But as soon as the story progress and killing off the rest of the bikers made me realize, IT is Johnny! the googled and found this site. Havent played TheLost, now i have to buy it to understand what is happenning/

  • Stanley Arcane

    I thought it was weak, on Rockstar’s part. Trevor is a brutal SOB and things like that are bound to happen, but taking a previous protagonist and squishing him like a cockroach is a direct sledgehammer the balls of TLAD fans, and we do exist, to the disdain of popular opinion. I’m actually back playing that episode after completing GTA V, which I enjoyed (despite the obvious). However, there is something different about The Lost and Damned that stands out for me, perhaps because it’s the only *decent* product in gaming that is about outlaw biker culture (unlike that more recent shitfest Ride To Hell: Retribution that does more to take the piss out of the culture and gaming both at the same time, than it does to absorb you in the world!).

    Looking at the story itself, throughout TLAD, Klebitz is strongly against the use and the trafficking of drugs, and he is constantly criticising Ashley for her addictions, to the point of severing all ties with her by the end of the story. The events in GTA V are contradictory to the Johnny a few years previous, thus his death isn’t the only irritating thing about the situation. It’s a pity that Rockstar, the very creators of the gem that is TLAD – which is about brotherhood, struggles, storytelling and consequence, also felt the need to bury it like an uncomfortable truth.

  • Luke Thomas Bullock

    Interesting post. Just got past that part in GTA5 and was equally
    shocked, and I have not even completed the DLC yet. Trevor is a
    disgusting, dirty and crazy psychopat and I really hate playing his
    character. Thanks for the post, nice to see that I am not the only
    one who gets all emotional about these games 🙂 FWIW, Niko is
    my all time fave character!

  • Substance-D

    Social “click?” I’m more disturbed by your utter idiocy.

  • Nick

    It’s nothing but a GoT move. Hate Trevor. Talk about Trevor. The whole game is hell of fall back. More explosions, more exceptional situations where you manage to kill the whole lot of people. While you.. you just a meth cranky.. just turn on you ‘meth-rage’ and go.. oh and more banks to rob.. more.. oh yeah more!.. -_-
    Why Johnny? Well.. He is a DLC character.. R* has changed him in absurd-y way and asskicked him away. Louis? Too hard to get him that low to kill. Why the whole Lost MC crew?.. It’s Trevor.. not a meme yet?..
    I just re-played a bit of GTA 4 and TLAD and holy god they’re great. Since the very beginning. The game of soul. While V is a picture one. (though it’s good to see the countryside back)
    p.s. I’m sorry for my rush. Maybe it’s me being old. The games got to be different so.. I might just skip part five.

  • Jman

    This whole thing is you complaining about Johnny getting killed. Who cares?

  • Madeline

    Alright first off, the game wasn’t based around Johnny in GTA 5. Second of all, Trevor has a raging temper from his backstory, Johnny shouldn’t have provoked Trevor when he was already upset. Now if you’re going to be disturbed over him killing Johnny, then you might as well curl up with a blanket and suck on a pacifier. Because if you can’t handle and play the game without being “disturbed” then you shouldn’t be playing it. Sure I cringed, but I got over it in seconds. Now I like Trevor, he’s my favorite character. And I seriously don’t see the big deal. And I saw no use for Johnny in GTA 5.