PS4’s Nov. 15th launch vs Xbox One’s Nov. 22nd launch: Who has the advantage?

Microsoft finally let the cat out of the bag today and announced that the Xbox One will ship November 22nd in 13 territories. For only $499 you will be able to get the next-generation of Xbox gaming a week before Thanksgiving. A lot of people were thinking Microsoft might try to beat Sony’s Playstation 4 to store shelves but that doesn’t appear to be the case in the United States at least.

With the Xbox One shipping November 22nd and the PS4 shipping November 15th (US/Europe) and November 29th (UK), which date is better? Does Sony have any advantages over shipping the PS4 a week early in America, does Microsoft have any advantages shipping their system a week early in the UK?

I’d say that the advantages for either company will be minimal. I think that a lot of early adopters have already decided to go with one system or the other already. Some will be picking up both but I don’t think many people will change their minds because of one hitting shelves 7 days early.

Sony stands to benefit the most even if their sales bump will be small. Releasing the PS4 in the US on November 15th along with their $399 price point will push some gamers over the edge to choose PS4 over the Xbox One. The $100 price difference along with the benefits and free games of Playstation Plus are hard to walk away from. I can’t imagine many people who were previously going for Xbox One will switch over to buying a PS4 just because of a seven day advantage in the US but I suppose a few will.


In the UK I don’t think the Xbox One releasing a week earlier than the PS4 will influence many to go Xbox on its own. The fact that some Xbox One early adopters will get free copies of FIFA might be the thing that convinces Europeans to choose Xbox One over PS4 at launch. That said, the $100 price difference is hard to overcome. Even with some good games thrown in, the Xbox One is still a hard sell at $100 more.

Sony is in a better position with an early release in America because they appear to be shipping even more systems than Microsoft. With over 1 million system pre-orders the PS4 is set up to be the big “must have” holiday item. The Xbox One looks like it will sell out too but will it sell 1 million systems at launch alone? Some estimates have pegged the Xbox One at having half or even 1/4th of the pre-orders that the PS4 has so it looks like Microsoft can’t hope to match Sony’s potential launch sales. Not to mention that the PS4 will release in more countries than the Xbox One. Anything can happen though it does look like the PS4 will win the sales war at least at launch.


Ultimately I don’t think either company stands to benefit much from their respective release date schedules. Like I said before, I’m sure some people will be swayed because of release dates but there can’t be many of them. That said, does the fact that the PS4 releases a week before the Xbox One in America influence your buying decision? Or are you buying the Xbox One only this holiday? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. dmo-time

    xbox one 13 country’s, PS4 32 country’s by 29th Nov. Do the math PS4 nearly 3 times than xb one. And you have to think about who. has the upper hand.

    • Dameon Percival

      Dude your facts are so wrong, the PS4 will only release in the Uk on the 29 the other countries by year end.

      • colonel179

        That’s not true. The PS4 will release in US and Canada on November 15th, and in 30 territories on November 29th. Elsewhere, like India, and other countries will release during Holidays and early next year. So dmo is right.

  2. clearwoodbellawater

    The article mentions Fifa’s inclusion as a possible factor for better sales in Europe but we know now that the giveaway only applies to those who preordered the Day One edition, an edition that I believe is already sold out…But MS have stayed mum on all this, i think it will lead a lot of people expecting a free game, but none getting it…kinda shady business tactics, seems like they are banking on those that don’t know the news to go ahead and buy it anyway since they are in the stores…the wording of it obviously made it sound like everyone in England would be getting a free copy, but that’s most definitely not the case

    • Dakan=PCnerdCryingBoutConsoles

      Good point, MS trying to buy themselves an easy win but that is kind of shady. I think it will bite them in the a$$ actually, just like their “always on” 180 they had to do a couple months ago. Bad business.

  3. unclesam

    The PS4 is cheaper and more powerful, but the Xbox1 has Xbox Live and Titanfall. Both consoles will sell by the boatload due to the demand for next gen gaming, but PS4 will always have the edge.

      • NeoMahi

        Timed Exclusive as well. Its been talked about the game coming to other consoles later by EA and their own development team. Xbox One has been on rocky ground and they’re not going to ignore that. They’re going to feel it out and then plan accordingly. To make the biggest profit possible, they’ll have too. They may not have expected the PS4 to take off like it did and expected the Xbox One would ride off the 360’s success (just like the Wii U did off the Wii’s success, right?) So, they’re going to consider that. As was stated as well, gamers don’t have to pay $560 to play Titanfall with a PC. Luckily mine is powerful enough to handle the game without breaking a sweat so I saved myself $500. I can play it on PC until and if a PS4 version is announced. Then I play it with buddies on a Dualshock 4 and correct button layouts rather than playing using a Dualshock 3 controller on Steam and having to work my brain to match up Triangle, Circle, Square, and Cross to the Xbox 360 Controller’s layout. That should work for most gamers who want to play the game. PC. The future of gaming rigs all start with the letter ‘P’ and end with Game, Gaming, or Gamer. Not Box, Media, TV, and Dog.

    • Dakan=PCnerdCryingBoutConsoles

      PS4 has KILLZONE, INFAMOUS, DRIVE CLUB (FOR FREE), KNACK…… and PLAYSTATION PLUS which gives players TONS of free games which makes it WAY better than “Xbox Live” ………… I’m sure Playstation will be “OK” 😉 Playstation is set to DOMINATE this generation actually.

      Oh, and “Titanfall” is just a COD clone with mechs……and it’s coming to PS3 eventually. Not really interested in it though… just another FPS with silly perks + killstreaks. I’ll take Uncharted + God of War over it ANY day.

      • Randall Johnson

        So you listed a single Xbox One game and compared it to five games, one of which isn’t even an exclusive title, and two of which aren’t even announced for the a next gen entry? Not to mention Uncharted and God of War didn’t even need multiplayer attached to them, and Battlefield doesn’t need a single player experience to compete with anything. Also, glad to know you’d take five games over one any day, because that just shows how much better five games are over one.

      • Imventing

        Why are you typing in caps jeez. Everyone has their own personal likes in games bro first of all not everyone likes RPGs.. Indie games doesn’t interest many people even if it free. People are actually about online gaming so multiplayer is a big factor for most unlike you if you have the need to point out that titanfall has no single player believe me ppl could careless. and xbox live is more superior, service wise. Throwing free shit at people isn’t making your online service better smh. the ps4 is a better machine and most games will run smoother on ps4 such as the open world games that ubisoft are releasing next year while others will run just as smooth on xbox Probably games like FPS which xbox knows is a largely trending genre game. It may be “just another FPS with silly perks + killstreaks” but people buy it anyway because its fun!
        There different types of gamers a hardcore gamer which is probably yourself who looks into everything and probably play every game that releases that must have a distinguish storyline, the console policies, and the price and what you benefit from it. and then you have the casual gamers who dont know shit about games but just buy one by just comparing the price tag and you have competitive gamers who look for which ever console is better competitively wise which is the xbox for CoD and Halo for MLG (Major League Gaming) so stop promoting your fucking opinions as if they’re facts in caps. dumb ass fanboy on crack

  4. Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

    I’d say the one that gets the most praise after the consoles launche and everyone gets a taste of what they’re about or at least a taste of their own medicie is the one that will have the advantage in the beginning. Forget what we know about them now; what we find out after the launches is what will be the deciding factor of the outlook for each console.

  5. jspillen

    Considering the TV features will not work at launch in the UK, I don’t think giving away a free game will come close to toppling the $100 price hike.

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