NPD August 2013: 360 sells 96k, 3DS best overall selling system

The NPD data for August 2013 has been released. Saints Row IV and Splinter Cell shine as notable releases during the month. Wii U sales are thought to be terrible as usual for the month though we should note that Nintendo announced their $50 Wii U price cut in late August. So that may have made normally bad sales even worse as consumers hold out for the September 20th price cut.

Here are the top ten selling SKUs for August.


There is some good news. Retail game sales were up 21%, a bright spot for the industry. That said, sales of new game hardware were down 40% since 2012. We’ll have sales figures for each console very soon.

UPDATE: Major Nelson confirmed via Twitter that the Xbox 360 was the “best selling console” at 96k units during August. That paints a bad picture for the PS3/Wii U/Wii. That said, the 3DS sold more than the Xbox 360’s 96k during the month. We’re still waiting for its final number.

Mario & Luigi sold 190k copies, Pikmin 3 moved 115k and New Super Luigi U did even better at 120k. The Nvidia Shield sold a pathetic 2k units during the month and Ouya only doubled that with 4k sold. Bad news for Splinter Cell as Blacklist struggled to hit 300k across many platforms. It’s being said that the 360 version made up 2/3rds of its sales while the Wii U version may have only accounted for 5k.

In other news some report are coming out that say Lost Planet 3 may have barely sold 10k copies in its debut. Wow, way to go Capcom!