PS Vita

The Walking Dead PS Vita bundle also $199

You’ve probably heard that the Vita’s price was cut to $199 today, for the WiFi model. It wasn’t clear how this would effect system bundles or the upcoming The Walking Dead system bundle.

Now we know how this is going to work and it makes the $199 price point look even better for the PS Vita. The Walking Dead PS Vita bundle will also sell for $199 this week.

This bundle comes with a WiFi Vita, a 4GB memory card and the first season of The Walking Dead plus the 400 Days DLC. That’s nearly $50 in extra goodies counting the memory card and game.

Hopefully Sony makes the 4GB memory card a mainstay in future PS Vita systems and includes it with every system here on out. As is, this $200 Walking Dead bundle is hard to walk away from, unless of course you’re a zombie and you’re looking for your next meal.

  • Aragost Scott

    Do you happen to know when the release date is for the Walking Dead Vita bundle? I thought it was this week, but now all the retailers have an “unknown” release date for it.