Rockstar on GTA V for PS4/Xbox One: We’ll ‘see what happens’

Rockstar commented on the possibility of GTA V on next-gen consoles today. They sound like they don’t have anything concrete right now and are focusing on the PS3/360 versions only.

Rockstar says:

We’ll get the current gen version out first and see what happens in the future.

It doesn’t look like Rockstar is planning anything just yet. I’m assuming they want to make a bunch of money off GTA V this holiday before they undertake the task of porting GTA V to Xbox One, PS4 and possibly PC in 2014.

That said, I can’t help but think I should wait for a next-gen port of the game. San Andreas never got ported to 360/PS3 (well, not as something other than an Xbox/PS2 classic anyway) but it also came out more than a year before the Xbox 360 launched.

What do you think? Will we see a better version of GTA V on next-gen consoles in 2014?

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  • Russell Gorall

    There isn’t any reason to buy GTA Last Gen Edition this Fall, unless you really hate your money.

    • jonris30

      so its worth waiting a year for the same exact game with only slightly better graphics??? They said they were only “possibly” porting it over, not definately, and certainly not re-doing the entire game in next gen standards. In order to do that they would have to create a whole new game engine to create this game for the new consoles, anything else is a WASTE OF TIME!!! Besides what’s a measily $60 or even $50 bucks if you just wait a few weeks for the price to come down anyway!! If you love this game as much as I do you won’t wait. BTW Saints Row 4 did the same stupid thing……they both should have waited for the next gen consoles to come out. Who knows why they didn’t? More than likely…….to make more dang money.

      • Russell Gorall

        Ask Rockstar why they want your money twice, why the fuck are you asking me?

        • jonris30

          I wasn’t ASKING you anything!! idiot….. learn to read…I was making a point!

      • justerthought

        You underestimate Rockstar. When spending $20 million on the biggest most expensive game ever made, you don’t make a game engine that limits it to current gen consoles. Rockstar knew the development time scale of GTAV at the start and knew it would collide with the next gen launch. Rockstar always port to PC anyway so it’s clear they will have made a scaleable game engine using high resolution assets developed on high end PC’s.

        The current gen console ports are actually scaled down ports of the high end PC master. The domestic PC version will be ported very quickly because they only need to add support for all the PC configurations. The PS4 port will be even faster because there is only one close system configuration. Both the PC and PS4 version will be very close to the high end PC master in terms of graphics and performance.

        What confirms all I say is the fact that GTA Online is intended to go on forever. Rockstar have a vision way out into the future and PS3 is not part of any long term future, so a PC and PS4 version are a necessary part of the equation. The game engine will be broad enough to scale to each platform and push each to the limit.

        Rockstar have never said they are not making a PS4 version, only why they are releasing PS3 first in order to cash in on the huge user base. They cannot admit the PS4 version is waiting in the wings to be released 6 months after the PS3 version when sales start to dry up, and the new financial year starts. Otherwise people would cancel their pre-orders. The recent comments about ‘maybe’ are to pacify people like me who are telling the hidden truth.

        I know it’s really hard waiting when the game looks so damn good even on PS3 and you’re hit by all the hype, but I consider playing the game on PS3 to be a spoiler for the awesome PS4 experience. Simple as that. I’m sick and tired of the PS3’s laggy frame rates now. It’s time to move on.

        I really don’t mind paying for the game twice. That isn’t really the issue. Rockstar deserve the money because they have created a masterpiece. But for me, I want to play the game and explore it first time in amazingly smooth high definition.

    • Omar Sebastian Zebibo

      I’d much rather buy GTA V twice in the space of 1 year than take another COD Re-hash. Seriously, the amount of content in the single-player alone is more than some entire series of games put together.

      In terms of multiplayer, with the extra memory & power of next gen, it would be possible to have many more players in a game at any one time + R*’s goal to turn the online mode into an MMO, eventually turning GTA Online into a world, rather than a single city.

      The scope of GTA V and GTA Online is incredible – If R* want my money twice, three times ect. then so be it. They deserve it – You wont find many developers like them anymore.

      • MAGWolf

        Ubisoft. Look up their game lineup. Watch Dogs a Assasins Creeds + GTA mixed into one. Guess what its for ALL systems PC/Xbox360/PS3/Ps4/Xbox One on its launch. Rockstar numbers are gonna hurt/ People are not gonna buy it they will wait till it releases for their next gen systems. I sold my Xbox 360 and PS3 put it down towards the PS4.

    • Apocolyptica

      Because it’s going to be a great game and if a better version comes out on next gen or the PC just trade the old one in on it.

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  • dirkradke

    I suspect if they actually make it for the PC then it will at some point be on the PS4 and X-Box One. Based on all the comments from developers how the next generation systems are so much more like a PC than ever before, which could make it more economically viable. Even if it’s a couple years down the road the PS4 and X-Box One are ready markets and as long as sales on the current generation systems are unaffected I think it is probable.

  • Kamille

    “We’ll get the current gen version out first and see what happens in the future.”-Rockstar

    If I could I would go to their studio and punch everybody in the face for that awful quote.

  • tray

    will cj be back or at leasted we franklin is cj son