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Predictions for Sony at GamesCom

GamesCom is next week and there are sure to be some big announcements. There are two next-gen consoles coming out in just a few months! It is time to excited folks!

While GamesCom doesn’t always outshine E3 or Tokyo Game Show, it has played host to some pretty good moments in the past. The Playstation brand has been apart of some of these great moments and Sony plans to come out swinging at GamesCom. They’ve already said they will be touting the PS4 in full force at the event and we can’t help but try to predict what Sony may announce at GamesCom. On August 20th Sony is holding an event at GamesCom so hopefully they’ll dish out some news on the PS4’s launch and others.

PS4 release date for multiple regions

This sort of seems like a no-brainer. Sony will most likely announce the exact release date of the PS4 in multiple regions at GamesCom. We’ll at least find out when it ships in Europe, if not for America and Japan too. I’m personally predicting a late October release in Europe and the US with Japan maybe a week or two later in November. That way the PS4 gets a bit of a lead over the Xbox One and major titles like Assassin’s Creed IV and COD Ghosts hit the system on the same day as the current-gen versions.


Little Big Planet 3 finally announced for PS3

Sony has a good habit of supporting old consoles after their successors arrive. Sumo Digital has been rumored to be working on a third LBP game for months now and it looks like Sony is getting ready to announce. Since they’re announcing it so late in the year I would imagine it would be a early 2014 title for PS3. All things point to it being for PS3 instead of PS4 sadly.

Internet based TV service announced

Sony struck a deal with Viacom today to get their programming on Playstation consoles. I wouldn’t be surprised if Sony reveals this internet based TV service at GamesCom for PS3 and PS4. Whether it becomes available this year or next remains to be seen but Sony is cooking up something big as far as Television content is concerned.

An official debut for the 12GB $199 PS3 model, possible price drop

The 12GB PS3 is hitting American stores this Sunday but Sony isn’t really talking about it. Since GamesCom is in Europe I wouldn’t expect more than a minute devoted to this but Sony will at least mention that they’ve got a $199 PS3 out in another region right now. Maybe they’ll cut the PS3’s price but I just don’t know if they’ll pull the trigger on that until 2014.


Some Vita surprises but ultimately nothing earth shattering

Every major gaming event has Vita fans coming out of the woodwork hoping for Sony to give the handheld a big push. Sure, they’ve got a new Killzone coming in September for the system but for the most part the Vita gets the shaft during big events. Sony typically focuses on PS3/PS4 news.

Sony will most likely have some cool new Vita games to reveal. I’m not sure what those titles will be but Sony can’t hold back. They’ve got to show off something interesting that we don’t know about yet for the Vita.


Those are just our predictions for Sony at GamesCom. Some are pretty standard stuff while others (like a PS3 price drop) might be us going out on a limb. Hopefully Sony brings their A-game to GamesCom and doesn’t forget that they have three systems to support: PS3, PS4 and the Vita.

Sony has announced some cool things at GamesCom in the past. Last year Media Molecule revealed Tearaway for Vita and Sony brought PS1 classics to the Vita. In 2011 they cut the PS3’s price down to $249 before raising it up to $269 a year later. So Sony has a habit of doing big things at GamesCom and we can’t wait to see what they’ve got in store this year.