Minecraft coming to PS4, PS3 and PS Vita

Sony shocked everyone when they announced Minecraft is coming to the PS4 today. They announced it at Gamescom and teased the game after just showing off Watch Dogs.

It appears to be a launch game for the PS4 when it arrives later this year. That takes away a big exclusive title for Microsoft.

Sony also announced that the PS4 will ship in America on November 15th while hitting Europe on November 29th. I imagine a lot of PS4 owners will be playing Minecraft on their PS4 systems on launch day.

In addition to this Notch confirmed that the PS4 won’t be the only Sony console to get Minecraft. It is coming to PS3 and PS Vita as well.

  • mike

    Yeah, of course I will be playing shadow fall, day one 🙂

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    WOW FUCK YOU MOJANG why would u even think about bringing it to Shit station 4 !!!!!!!!!! fucking bullshit

    • jimbob

      u mad bro?

    • Eduardo Zamora

      -.- stfu SEXbox is gay :3

    • tikinator

      we can all see it by his nickname

  • Shuhei Yoshida

    Not only Minecraft coming to ps4 but also 1 exclusive skin pack and a free cape.That all i have to say. ( If you do not know i work at sony 😉 )
    Stay tuned..
    Shuhei Yoshida

  • marquise

    lol let there be minecarft on psvita

  • Mojang

    There is minecraft on PS3 and PS4 and PSvita and 1 skin pack that has a cape!

  • Josafat Jonain

    what is the release date on psvita