Ludosity: Wii U eShop publishing is ‘easier’ than Steam

Joel Nyström, a developer with Ludosity, has made some pretty big comments in regards to getting an indie title onto the Wii U eShop. He gives Nintendo’s new indie set up a huge complement while dissing Valve’s Steam service.

If you didn’t know already, Ludosity is behind the great little Zelda look-a-like, Lttle Dew. The game is coming to PC and Wii U.

In a recent interview, he had this to say:

It’s actually easier to publish on Wii U, than on Steam… The thing about Greenlight it that you just don’t know, there aren’t any clear answers and they seem to be changing their policy, and their CEO is saying one thing and they are acting in another way. I think a lot of developers are anxious about Greenlight, right now.

Nintendo should pat themselves on the back. Getting anyone to say that publishing their game on your platform is “easier” than publishing on Steam is a feat. Steam is a juggernaut of a service that has basically taken over PC gaming and made itself into a console like platform of sorts.

Whether publishing on the Wii U eShop is truly “easier” than publishing on Steam remains to be seen. Nonetheless it appears Nintendo has made great strides in regards to getting indies on board, especially with their Web Framework. Don’t look now folks but Nintendo just might become the go-to place for indie titles.