Developer: Wii U is ‘quite a beast of a machine’

Game developer VooFoo had some glowing remarks about the Wii U today. Despite there being a lot of people willing to call the system “underpowered” or unimpressive, they think its pretty damn powerful. Mind you they’re currently developing a Chess game for the eShop.

VooFoo says:

Wii U really seemed to be an ideal platform to bring Pure Chess to – it’s quite a beast of a machine so is very capable of throwing around some pretty impressive visuals.

I have no doubt that they’re right about the system. Rocking improved specs over the Wii, 360, and PS3 it will surely produce a bunch of stunning games over its lifetime. Heck, look at Monolith’s X for a small sample of it.

That said, I imagine a lot of people will roll their eyes when they hear that a developer making a Chess game is complimenting the Wii U hardware. Just because they’re making a game that isn’t hardware intensive right now doesn’t mean they don’t know what they’re talking about.

Remember, Shin’en got Nano Assault Neo to look amazing and only used one CPU core. There is still a lot of power to tap in the Wii U it seems.

  • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

    This proves Nintendo knows more about the hardware they make than people initially thought. Though Sony and Microsoft have shown what they each can do, I’m guessing since Nintendo knew they would be first out regardless of what the other two were doing, they didn’t want to show off everything for Wii U so that they wouldn’t try changing specs around to out best the Wii U like Microsoft is doing by increasing the GPU clock speed for Xbox One to rival PS4; so that made the power gap much smaller than last gen so now devs won’t have an excuse to bring games to Wii U now. Besides the amount of CPU cores Wii U has, it also has its eDRAM and GPGPU so I personally see Wii U rivaling PS4 and Xbox One in the future easily, but more importantly the games will look as good as they are fun to play, as game play has been Nintendo’s reputation for as far back as many people’s childhood. Just watch, people will be dropping their jaws when the next Zelda and (possibly) next Metroid are shown for the first time; nothing can stop Nintendo now.

    • heavenshitman1

      I have a WiiU. Performance wise WiiU wont compete with XB1/PS4. But yes the performance gap will be smaller than Wii vs 360/PS3. As one example, 360/PS3 had 8 times the RAM as Wii. Now, XB1/PS4 only have equivalent (for games) 7 times as much or even less. But for total system RAM, only 4 times as much. Ppl don’t understand that WiiU is running extra resolution via Gamepad. So in an equivalent game, its working a lot harder than 360/PS3
      With so many games being made for this 360/PS3 hardware, WiiU will ride on that and reap a good games library reward.

  • Jessenia Lopez

    Wi u sucks

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