Wii U passes 1 million in Japan in roughly the same time frame it took PS3 to do so

Good news came out of Japan today for Nintendo’s struggling Wii U console. The system finally passed 1 million consoles sold this past week. This comes from Media Create today.

At least Nintendo can say their console got their faster than any Microsoft console in Japan but that wouldn’t be saying much. I believe the 360 took about 2-3 years to cross 1 million units. Ironically this news comes almost at the same time that the PS3 finally crossed 1 million units in Japan.

That’s right, the Wii U is so “doomed” that it sold just as many units in Japan as the PS3 did in the same time frame. Of course PS3 was far more expensive but that shouldn’t work against the Wii U. If the PS3 can do that well and reverse its fortunes with a high price tag I see no reason the Wii U can’t with Nintendo’s first party line up and a much lower price.

Of course, by this point in the Wii’s early life it had already set its sights on the 3 million consoles sold mark but hey you can’t win everything!