Wii U for $199 at Wal-Mart in Canada starting August 2nd

Major news out of Canada today as Wal-Mart plans to sell the 8GB Basic Wii U for only $199 starting August 2nd. This appears to be Canada only for the moment. A picture of the ad has surfaced online.


That is some massive savings on the 8GB system. There are rumors about this SKU being discontinued as a whole but Nintendo has denied them altogether. Could this mean system price drop is on the horizon? I criticized Nintendo today in an earlier post for not using Pikmin 3’s release as a way to boost the system’s sales if coupled with a price cut. Perhaps I spoke too soon. I’ll be glad to take that one back Nintendo.

There is currently no word if Wal-Mart in the United States plans on doing this. Canadian Wal-Marts could simply be selling old stock out to make way for a new SKU or maybe Nintendo will really confirm they’re discontinuing it after all.

  • OKJ

    I hope a price cut is done where I live. I am going to college and will have to leave behind the family Wii U and while I am a pure Nintendo fan, even I have a budget.

    As for what you say, while a price cut will definitely help, I don’t think Pikmin is the right game to do it with. I am a big Pikmin fan and while I am confident it’ll be the best selling game in the franchise at some point, it isn’t TOO recognizable a franchise. Doing the price cut ahead of Wind Waker HD or Donkey Kong makes more sense. Also, waiting closer to the release of the competition to do price cut is more strategic.

    Also, what do you mean by “maybe Nintendo will really confirm they’re discontinuing it after all.” If you mean discontinuing the Wii U, you’re nutz.

    • OKJ

      Or do you mean that one store?

    • Jaxon Holden

      No. He means the 8gb model. Nintendo asked retailers to send back all unsold white 8gb model Wii U’s back around E3 time. With the announcement of a 32gb white Wii U model in Japan, many assumed the 8gb white Wii U would be recalled to make way for a 32gb white Wii U in North America, thereby eliminating 2 different SKUs and simplifying the system for an already misinformed, if not confused, public.

      • Dakan45

        Console optimization works as follows. They make the game on one specific system, if the framerate drops, they remove shadows or other objects in the map, or lower texture quality. Yet far cry 3 runs with a 24 fps on average.

        So if optimization makes a game run under the 30 fps standarsd(which was 60 in the ps2 era) and at 1280x720p with low settings, might as well admit its a weak system rather “optimization”

        I keep looking the last of us and i see blury textures and horrible lighting with hardly any shadows indoor, it looks mediocre. Sure its impressive for a console, but if i had to pick a game that looks really good, it will be killzone 3 with its textures being on par with pc games not the last of us.

        People think consoles and pcs run the games at same settings with better framerate and higher resolution, in reallity the gap is so high that a 2011 game like bf3 run on low settings. Metro last light and crysis 3 even on the lowest settings look better than the console version.

        7 year old consoles cannot compete anymore, this is the longest generation no console should be older than 5 years. Its too much to handle. Hell watchdogs latest trailer looks horrible becasue it was running on x360/ps3 and all you saw so far was on pc. Most game in the last 2 E3s were on pc. So the power of the so called “next gen” consoles…. its about the same as a entry mid range pc, not even an actual midrange pc and just like every generation, it will compete with pc for 2 years and then pcs will be able to push the graphics highest SIMPLY becasue the console graphics will stop to improve and the high end hardware will be utilized by games when on release games are made for midrange pcs.

        According to rumors both ps4 and xbox one use alot of ram for the os, the share, recoriding, chat and other fucntions, so sorry to break it to you but the new consoles are basicly pcs and will utilize alot of ram. So in the long run you get a average pc, thats all.

        Still to hear bullocks from that moron that consoles somehow have the potential to perfom better than high end pcs is laughable. People are going crazy because the xbox one is suposelly 50% weaker. Apparently now that games will be made on pc and ported to consoles, xbox one and ps4 with all their weak cpus and midrange cards will devastate pcs.

        Do you see the flaw in logic here? So yeah console POWA= make believe.

        • LegendAssassin

          Yeah CoD and BF3 ran under 720p with 30 FPS and upscaled to 720p and 1080p. Next generation will still suffer the same thing considering the (equivalent pc counterpart) GPUs in them can’t handle Metro Last Light at a steady 30 FPS at 1080p at max settings. It can’t handle Tomb Raider but was slightly better at 1080p at max settings. PC GPUs as low as $300 ranged can handle Tomb Raider at max settings at 1080p with 60 FPS and a 400$ GPU can handle Metro Last Light at 1080p and 30 FPS with max settings no problem.

          • Dakan45

            Crysis 3 and last light are next gen NOW.

            In any case when x360 came out the pc version of oblivion looked better, so no matter what they do the console versions will always be behind. The fact that people think that garbage cpu consoles have is conna do anything to pcs, well its just laughable.

    • gimmegimmekevin

      I meant discontinuing the 8GB basic SKU, not the system as a whole. Yea, that will never happen. Well, not until 2017 and beyond when the next Nintendo console is out. Sorry if I wasn’t clear in the post.

      • OKJ

        Ok thanks. Now that I take a closer look, you mentioned the Basic specifically above the picture but I somehow missed it. Sorry about that.

        • gimmegimmekevin

          Its cool. Hopefully they do something with the 8GB SKU. If the firmware updates weren’t so damn big it would almost be a viable option, considering the firmware takes up like what, 5GB or so? I’m not entirely sure but if they could shrink the size of the firmware updates closer to 1GB then I think the 8GB could be a decent, cheap route for the Wii U. I think they hoped the two SKU strategy would work out as well as the 4GB/250GB strategy worked for MS. I dunno, maybe bumping it up to 16GB would do and keep costs low? I don’t know but it does look like the Basic SKUs days are numbered

      • Furious Francis

        Pikmin 3 is not the game to do a price cut on…..its the F*cking middle of summer. Wait till the holidays and price cut it with DKC or a bigger game. A summer price cut with Pikmin 3 doesn’t make sense.

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  • blob

    What about the asterisk? Is there a catch?

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