PS Vita

Select Best Buy stores selling 3G Vita for $149

It looks like some Best Buy stores have put the 3G Vita on clearance. Specifically the bundle that came with 3G and an 8GB memory card.

How much are some select Best Buy stores across the US selling this Vita SKU? For 50% off! That’s right, if you’re lucky a Best Buy in your area may have put their left over 3G Vita 8GB systems on clearance for only $149.

One hundred and forty-nine US dollars folks! Of course their website is still listing the device for $299 but you can look up to see if any local stores have it in stock. If so, its worth driving out there to see if they’ve put their units on clearance. For example, one store in my area has one of these in stock. At least their site tells me so.

If you can’t find a Best Buy that has this sale just try to price match it. Its hit or miss in terms of whether other locations will do so but a bunch of reports of come out of that happening so give it a chance folks.

A $149 PS Vita is hard to pass up.