Rumor: Monster Hunter 4 December release date for Europe

European retailer FNAC has some potentially surprising news for 3DS and Monster Hunter fans. Monster Hunter 4 is scheduled to hit Japanese 3DS systems on September 14th. Normally fans expect a long wait between the Japanese and western releases of Monster Hunter but maybe MH4 will be an exception.

FNAC is listing Monster Hunter 4 for release in Europe during December. It doesn’t give a specific date though. This could be an error, so I’d chalk this one up as just a rumor for now.


MH3U just came out a little while ago, back in March. Nine months between installments seems like it is calling it a little close but not too close. After sinking dozens of hours of my life into MH3U I’m more than happy to welcome Monster Hunter 4 with open arms in the west as soon as possible.

  • DeTo-13

    This is the sort of speed they should be geting it out in EU but i doubt its true. I would expect to have to wait until at least july 2014’ish. I’ll never understand why big names like capcom still leave us in the dark about release dates.

  • SSUndead

    It’s probably fake, FNAC ( the store ) it’s not the first time they put items for sell that are not real, they were accepting pre-orders for GTA 5 PC Version( for 17 September ) and we know that there is only xbox and ps3 versions.