Nintendo: Gaming community is ‘very fickle’, need ‘flexible’ experience in next Zelda game

Zelda series Director Eiji Aonuma commented on the difficulties of building a brand new Zelda for the Wii U. Specifically he discusses designing the game to use the Wii U Game Pad’s unique features exclusively without off-TV play (like how Zombi U’s single player can’t be played off-TV since it uses the touch screen so much) or designing it around just having off-TV play.

Aonuma said:

The gaming community is — I don’t want to sound rude, or anything — very fickle. You’ve got one group that really likes the possibilities that using two screens affords, and then there’s the other half of the group that just likes the simplicity of one screen, they don’t want to bother with two screens. I’m the same way, I’m very fickle. I totally understand where they’re coming from. As a developer, I need to listen to these things and I need to, maybe, make it possible to do either one, do whatever your preference is. I certainly have my preference, but I shouldn’t limit everyone to my preferences. I need to provide an experience that is flexible, allows for maybe both of those options.

What my son does is, he’ll actually turn off the TV and hide in a corner and play. So as a parent who wants to make sure that my child is studying and learning, I don’t know that that’s necessarily the best option!

Eiji Aonuma doesn’t come across rude at all and he speaks about a harsh truth about the gaming community. If you go in one direction with a game there is sure to be millions of players who are happy by your decision and millions more who detest that decision, especially with a series as loved as The Legend of Zelda.

Personally I don’t want the next Zelda to based at all around Skyward Sword’s motion controls. They were good for what they were but the possibilities of the Game Pad are endless and should be the focus. I really do want this next HD Zelda to focus on inventive uses of the Game Pad. I was blown away by the simple yet effective use of it in Zombi U and Nintendo Land last year and have faith that Aonuma and his team can do something even more amazing.

That said, Aonuma has a hard time ahead of him pleasing all the die-hard Zelda fans with this first ground-up HD installment. Hopefully it can deliver whenever it comes out.